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Re: Irish names

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  • Mertie
    Hi Xenia: I have a good Irish name: Beatty, but neither my husband nor I have even one drop of Irish blood. Art took his step dad s name after growing up as
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      Hi Xenia:

      I have a good Irish name: Beatty, but neither my husband nor I have
      even one drop of Irish blood. Art took his step dad's name after growing up
      as part of the Beatty clan. But we do wear GREEN.

      Mertie Beatty

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      > Forgot to give you my children's Irish surnames:
      > O'Loghlin/O'Loughlin County Clare -
      > From cemetary and tombstone in Notre Dame des Neiges cemetary, Montréal.
      > Tombstone reads: "In memory of James O'Loghlin, a native of Liscannor Co.
      > Clare,
      > Ireland died 2 June 1884 aged 60 years and of his beloved wife Ellen
      > died 22 Jan 1888 aged 72 years".
      > Also of Martin O'Loghlin died 30 March 1892 aged 60 years and of Mary
      > Mullins
      > a native of Clin Co. Limerick, Ireland, beloved wife of Martin O'Loghlin
      > died 18 April 1886 aged 63 years. 'May Their souls rest in peace Amen'."
      > James and Martin were brothers - the family legend was that 5 brothers all
      > set sail from Ireland (date unknown) - all were pub owners. 3 went on to
      > U.S. James initially worked as a policeman in Montreal and Martin was the
      > principal owner of the pub. Later split into two pubs. - one owned by
      > & sons at corner of Prince and Ottawa streets, the other by James & sons
      > the corner of Lagauchetiere and Hermine Street. Not sure what happened to
      > Martin's sons but pub. was gone by turn of the century. One inherited by
      > James' son was kept in family until about 1930.
      > Harrington/Driscoll of County Cork, Ireland
      > At least three sons came to Canada. All were shoe-makers. First Canadian
      > marriage recorded in 1845 in Montreal. Son from which my children descend
      > was Jeremiah Harrington who in 1853 married Anne Murphy (one of his
      > married Anne's sister), daughter of then deceased Patrick Murphy, tailor,
      > and Anastasia Shea, origin Ireland (but no county given). John Harrington,
      > son of Jeremiah and Anne, married Margaret McKeown, born in Ireland,
      > daughter of Charles McKeown (McKeon) and Mary Anne Lyons. Curiously,
      > Murphy is not listed as deceased at his other daughter's wedding 2 weeks
      > later. He is listed as a labourer on that one but on his son's marriage
      > Mary Greely) in 1861 he was listed as deceased tailor. I know the two
      > (Anne and Elizabeth) were sisters because it says so in the marriage
      > and that they married brothers (also because says so in marriage records)
      > and both were minors so the mother gave her permission. Thus I believe
      > Patrick Murphy was deceased before 1853 though I did find a Patrick
      > tailor, listed in a Montreal business directory around 1845.
      > Shea/Connor(s)/McKeon/Dowd -
      > Maurice Patrick Shea, born August 01, 1794 (according to military record
      > Trien, Knockanure, County Kerry, Ireland; according to his "supposed"
      > statement in Cork City, Cork) married Mary Connor in February 1824
      > in County Kerry.
      > Their son Walter Joseph Shea married Alice McKeon, daughter of Patrick
      > McKeon and Ann Dowd of Fermanagh, Ireland. Ann's parents were Daniel Dowd
      > and Ann McHugh. Patrick's parents were Cornelius McKeon and Elizabeth
      > McMannus, who were present at son's wedding in Montreal on July 29, 1845.
      > So if any of you recognize the names perhaps we can share information for
      > St. Patrick's Day!
      > Xenia Stanford (president@...)
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