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Cypress Hills slideshow series - with information

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  • Alan Muise-Benner
    My apologies to everyone. I was in a rush to head out the door to work, and forgot to paste the information into the message. I think I figured it out this
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      My apologies to everyone. I was in a rush to head out the door to work,
      and forgot to paste the information into the message. I think I figured
      it out this time!


      Greetings All;

      I received this information, and thought I would pass it along. I'm not
      sure of all the content in this presentation, but you may contact Ellen
      (phone number included at the end) about more information. I thought
      may be some interest, not just from a geographical perspective - but if
      they cover much of the history of the area, it will be of interest to
      those researching history of First Nations groups (including Sitting
      Bull after the Custer incident), a bit of the whiskey trade, North West
      Mounted Police, pioneer ranchers, and German-Russian settlers - to name
      a few. For your information, or anyone you know who may be interested.


      Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park
      Where Pines Touch the Prairie Sky
      (Final presentation in the 2002/03 five part Parks and Protected Areas
      Show Series)

      Wednesday, March 19, 2003
      7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
      Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
      (Shannon Terrace Area, West end of Fish Creek Provincial Park)
      13931 Woodpath Rd. S.W

      What's the highest point of land between the Rocky Mountains and
      The Cypress Hills! For over 7,000 years visitors have been attracted to
      this island-oasis of cool, moist, mixed forest and fescue grasslands
      surrounded by the dry, short grass prairie. Here species from the
      share space with flora and fauna more typical of the Rocky Mountains.
      Spanning two provinces, the area is Canada's first and only
      Park and includes Fort Walsh National Historic Site. Beautiful lakes,
      unusual plant and animal species and intriguing history combine to make
      Cypress Hills a memorable place to visit.

      .PRESENTER: Keith Bocking has worked as a Park Interpreter and
      Services Officer in Cypress Hills for 17 years. Keith will share his
      top 10
      reasons why the area is so special.

      ADMISSION: By donation (suggested $2.00/person)
      Proceeds support education programs in Fish
      Provincial Park

      SPONSORED BY: Alberta Community Development, Parks and Protected
      Fish Creek Environmental Learning
      The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial
      Suncor Energy Foundation

      Watch for additional presentations in winter 2003/04.

      For more information, please contact Ellen Gasser (403) 297-7927 at Fish
      Creek Provincial Park.

      Please pass on this information to anyone you know who might be
      Thank you.

      Ellen Gasser
      Environmental Education Specialist
      Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre
      ph 403-297-7927

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