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  • Judith Rempel
    ... So - I ve been too quiet, eh? Well, have to admit that I do a few other things beyond 1906 Census and respond to e-mail..... :-) So, here s the low-down
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2003
      E.Rodier wrote:
      > Charlie,
      > I've sent four sets of 1906 census transcriptions of Calgary downtown
      > sub-section 26a for the AFHS home page and don't know if Judii Rempel
      > received them. Are my e-mails with attachments getting lost?

      So - I've been too quiet, eh? Well, have to admit that I do a few other
      things beyond 1906 Census and respond to e-mail..... :-)

      So, here's the low-down on activities of possible interest to you folks
      (won't bore you with my Bylaws activities for another organization,
      progress on webdetails for the World Health Organization's designation
      of Calgary as a Safe City, etc.).

      Following are the files that have gone online since March 5 or so

      District #3 (Lisgar)
      Subdist 1 - p. 123a-20a, 23a-30a (Mar 5)

      This subdisrict is almost complete - I expect the full set of pages will
      be online by the weekend. It covers places like: Gretna, Altona,
      Emerson, Lettellier, & Halbstadt. Thanks to Val Williams of Calgary,
      member of Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta & AFHS's MennoSig

      District #4 (Macdonald)
      Subdist 5 - p. 4-5 (Mar 7)
      This subdistrict covers places like: Cypress River, St Alphonse and
      Grange. Thanks to Pat Pettit of Edmonton, member of Alberta Genealogical
      Society's Edmonton Branch

      District #12 (Assiniboia West)
      Subdist 11 - all (Mar 10)
      Subdist 10 - all (Mar 8)
      Subdist 14 - all (Mar 5)
      Subdist 29b - (Mar 5)

      These subdistricts cover places like: Dyer, Indian Head, Clinton,
      Pittsburg, Gladstone, Weston, Battle Creek, Coulee, Fleming, Strathcona,
      Maple Creek, Cypress, Saskatoon Landing Glen Valley, Stony Beach,
      Disley, Marieton, Chamberlain & Bethune.

      An amazing amount of work done by Bob & Joanne Jensen of Swift Current,
      members of Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (first three sets above)

      Thanks to Adele Goa of Edmonton, a member of the Edmonton branch of the
      Alberta Genealogical Society, DIS-Norge, & Rogaland Historie - og
      Ættsogelag (History and Family Saga Society). Adele says that the last
      organization isn't really as 'fancy' as the name sounds. :-) She
      transcribed subdistrict 29b.

      District #15 (Qu'Appelle)
      Subdist 1 - all (Mar 12)
      Subdist 17 - all (Mar 7)
      Subdist 5 - all (Mar 7)
      Subdist 18 - all (Mar 7)

      Thanks to Karen Foster of Port Coquitlam for all of these. In the midst
      of the transcription work this week she ran off and had some surgery - I
      don't think she was away from submitting transcribe files for more than
      12 hours!

      The subdistricts cover places like: Hitchcock, Bienfiat, Estevan, Roche
      Percee, Stoughton, Weyburn, Willowbunch, Milestone, Long Creek, & Yellow
      Grass, New Warren, Wilcox, & McTaggert

      District #18 (Alberta)
      Subdist 16 - all (Mar 12)
      Subdist 24 - all (Mar 10)
      Subdist 7 - all (Mar 7)

      Thanks to Lillian Parent of Calgary. I think she's submitted the most
      pages of anyone. Do you tire or sleep, Lillian?

      These three groupings cover places like: Pincher Creek, Mt. Mill,
      Cowley, North Battleford, Livingstone, Lunbrick, Gillingham, Cranbrook
      (BC), Frank, Spring Point, Lethbridge, Coaldale, Elinor, Leavings,
      Claresholm, & Stavely

      District #19 (Calgary)
      Subdist 26c - all (Mar 7)
      Subdist 26d - p.12-13(Mar 7)
      Subdist 26b - p. 4-7 (Mar 7)
      Subdist 26b - p. 1-3 (Mar 5)

      Thanks for 26c to Elizabeth Rodier of AFHS for 26c, Spencer Field for
      26d, and Marg McCready for 26b. These pages are all for Calgary City as
      it was perceived in 1906. I've received more files from Elizabeth and
      Marg that will be going on within a day or two.

      District #20 (Strathcona)
      Subdist 3 - all (Mar 7)
      Subdist 4 - p.1-5 (Mar 7)
      Subdist 10 - p.1-6 (Mar 7)

      Thanks to Dot Smith of Dawson Cree, Yukon for Subdistrict #3 & #4. Her
      husband, Neal, submitted the pages for Subdistrict 10.

      The groupings cover Warwich, Greer Lake, Soda Lake, Saddle Lake, St.
      Paul, Brosseau, Fort Saskatchewan, & Pakan

      District #21 (Strathcona)
      Subdist 8 - all (Mar 7)

      Thanks for Heather Williams, AFHS for this subdistrict.

      Includes households at Ingleton, Mayorville/Mayville, Red Willow, Dora,
      Red Willow & Stettler

      District #22 (Alberta North)
      Subdist 1 - all (Mar 11)
      Thanks to Christina Ratzinger of Chetwynd, BC for Subdistrict 1.

      Covers communities using post offices at Fort Vermillion, Spirit River,
      Hay River, Sturgeon Lake, Fort Providence, & Flin Flon (MB)

      YES! Flin Flon!

      So ... I don't always acknowledge every e-mail as it arrives, or even
      every transcription. But, I'm documenting them as I go along, keeping a
      scorecard of how we're doing & plan to write once or twice a week
      letting you all know the nature of the progress being made.

      Here are the numeric facts:

      total pp %
      Prov pp trans'd done
      ---- ----- ------- ----
      AB 5025 841 16.7%
      SK 6850 377 5.5%
      MB 9400 117 1.2%
      Total 21275 1335 6.3%

      Overall - 6.43% of the pages are transcribed and online; in Alberta
      we've done 16.7%. Way to go!

      P.S. I have pp for the following areas that will be going on line in
      the next day or three.

      AB Distr #19 Subdistr 29a (Calgary City)
      AB Distr #19 Subdistr 29b (Calgary City)
      AB Distr #19 Subdistr 29d (Calgary City)
      AB Distr #19 Subdistr 23 (Olds, Compton Lake, Bowden, & Okotoks areas)
      AB Distr #21 Subdistr 4 (Mannville area)
      AB Distr #20 Subdistr 4 (Brosseau, Saddle Lake, St. Paul & Fort
      Saskatchewan area)
      SK Distr #16 Subdistr 5 (Battleford area)
      MB Distr #100 Subdistr 2c (Winnipeg)
      SK Distr #12 Subdistr 2a (North Battleford)

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

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