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  • Judith Rempel
    Hugh - your request is perfectly reasonable. By copy of this I ll make your request known to our local distribution list (200+ participants) and I ll also cc
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003
      Hugh - your request is perfectly reasonable. By copy of this I'll make
      your request known to our local distribution list (200+ participants)
      and I'll also cc our magazine editor (Chinook) who can talk with you
      about posting query in it.

      However, I've not run across anyone seeking this name and don't know how
      much success you'll find. Good fortune to you.

      P.S. see also the results of a search on our website:

      P.P.S. in the last couple of days, it just so happens that a little
      girl with surname "Disney" made the news in Calgary. She apparently was
      out with a friend who returned her to the apartment block complex where
      she lived - but dropped her off at the wrong building/apt. The woman at
      the door took the little girl in even though they didn't know each other
      - because the woman didn't think the man looked trustworthy. The little
      girl had been reported MISSING to the police ... and reconnected to
      family before long.

      Hugh Disney wrote:
      > I was wondering whether you had any members named Disney, or interested
      > in the name DISNEY or, indeed, interested in ancient history. You can
      > see what I am talking about on my webpage,
      > Http://www.cybertrails.com/~granybec/
      > It is a family history of the Disney family, 1150-1461, written in
      > Oxford,England under the supervision of a member of the University
      > staff, an expert on the history of the Middle Ages.
      > The colour covers are made up from two recently photographed seals and
      > charters of the earliest Disneys which are over 800 years old.
      > From a review in the Lincolnshire FHS ?All too often, medieval
      > genealogy is a case of filling in the gaps with speculation posing as
      > fact, but here the sources are well-referenced and the inferences, when
      > they have to be drawn, are acknowledged as such.?
      > I was wondering whether you would consider, that the novelty and
      > antiquity of this family history, was of sufficient general interest to
      > bring to the attention of your members, in the normal course of
      > business, i.e. Notes and Queries or somesuch
      > For those who would like a copy, all details are on the webpage
      > Best Wishes, Hugh Disney..

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

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