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Re: Ontario researchers - local histories

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  • cjkriver
    Thanks Lorna, I will try this. Regards, Carolyn
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2003
      Thanks Lorna, I will try this.

      Lorna Laughton wrote:
      Hi Ontario researchers:
      If you are wanting to find and buy a local history of a county or township or town in Ontario - particularly an old out-of-print history, you might want to add your name to the "What's New" newsletter from Global Genealogy (in Milton, Ontario). The newsletter of January 29, 2003 had a lot of interesting books (see below). The information about subscribing is below too. I think that I get a newsletter every 2 or 3 weeks, so it isn't overwhelming.
      Lorna Laughton


      To subscribe or unsubscribe from the WHAT'S NEW newsletter go to the following URL and click on the appropriate hot link on that page, and then click on "send".


      PLEASE NOTE: Unsubscribing from this list will also unsubscribe you from The Global Gazette < http://globalgazette.net >

      Rick & Sandra Roberts

      Global Genealogy & History Shoppe http://globalgenealogy.com

      The Global Gazette http://globalgazette.net

      Global Heritage Press http://globalheritagepress.com


      NOTE: order OUT-OF-PRINT / USED Books by phone 800-361-5168 or 905-875-2176 .... or in-store only (we will hold an item for pickup). These items are sold on a first come first serve basis. PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS (discount approx. 35% for American dollars).


      Huron County (Ontario) In Pioneer Times. By James Scott. no ISBN/87 pp/illus/pub 1954 by Huron County Historical Committee/staple-bound/6"X8". A price sticker was pulled off the front cover at some point so there is a mark. Book in overall good condition. 35.00 (22.85 US$)

      Township of Oneida (Haldimand County, Ontario), Events Occurring In The Years 1820-1920. By John Senn. no ISBN/pub 1920 by author/staple-bound/24 pp/photos. Paper is yellowing with age but in overall good condition. 25.00 C$ (16.00 US$)

      Grand River (Ontario). By Mabel Dunham. no ISBN/ pub McClelland Stewart/hardcover/1st ed. 1945/299 pp/6"X9"/index/biblio./illus. Water damage on top of front cover, spine faded, pages and binding in good cond. 25.00 C$ (16.00 US$)

      River of Memories (the Grand River in Ontario). By Joan Cooper. no ISBN/pub 1994 by author/106 pp/photos/5"X8"/perfect-bound. in good condition. 15.00 C$ (9.00 US$)

      Voices From The Lost Villages, by Rosemary Rutley. A history of the lost villages of the seaway river valley resulting from of the flooding of the St. Lawrence River Seaway Project. ISBN 0-9683736-0-7/pub 1998 by Casa Maria Publications/182 pp/5"X8"/biblio/

      Muskoka Past & Present. By Geraldine Coombe. ISBN 0-07-082365-0. pub by Mcgraw-Hill 1976/softcover/248 pp/6"X9"/index/biblio./illus. good used condition. 25.00 C$ (16.00 US$)

      Tell Me Another Story. By Joan Finnigan (autographed by author). Stories and history of the Ottawa Valley. ISBN 0-07-549682-8/pub McGraw-Hill 1988/316 pages/8.5"X9"/perfect-bound/illus/photos. In good used condition. 20.00 C$ (13.00 US$)

      Hidden Ontario, Secrets From Ontario's Past. By Terry Boyle. Characters, pioneer stories and history. ISBN 1-896757-09-X/perfect bound/224 pp/7"X9"/index/biblio/photos/pub by Polar Bear Press 1999. New condition. 15.00 C$ (10.00 US$)

      Perth (town in Ontario) Remembered. By Centennial Publication Committee. A history of Perth to 1967. no ISBN/176 pp/perfect-bound/illus/6"X9". good used condition. 20.00 C$ (12.00 US$)

      Directory of Wellington County 1871-1872(Ontario). Giving the names of residents in the towns, villages, post offices and lists of farmers in each township in the county. Historical reprint by Wellington County museum of an original book pub in 1871 by A.O. Loomis & Co, Hamilton. no ISBN/238 pp/5"X8"/perfect-bound/illus. 20.00 C$ (12.00 US$)

      History of Morris Township (Huron County) And Stories Relating To Pioneer Days 1856-1956. No ISBN/44 pp/index/staple-bound/6"X9". Includes a list of the original settlers (Crown Deeds) listed by Lot and Concession, including where many came from. Very good used condition. 20.00 C$ (13.00 US$)

      Historical Sketch of Markham Township (Ontario) 1793 to 1950. By Historical Committee. no ISBN/159 pp/photos/staple-bound. Some age discoloration on cover. overall good condition. 25.00 C$ (16.00 US$)

      A Reminiscence of the Early Days (of Coburg, Ontario). By Mrs. David Fleming. Historical reprint by Oshawa & District Hist. Soc in 1960/no ISBN/16 pp/staple bound/6"X9". good condition. 10.00 C$ (6.00 US$)

      Commemorating 100 years of Peace, Plenty, Progress in the County of Ontario. By County of Ontario. no ISBN/44 pp/6"X9"/staple-bound/pub 1955. some fading/discolouration on edges of cover, overall good condition. 30.00 C$ (20 US$)

      Historical Sketch of St. George's Church, Montreal (Quebec). By A. P. Gower-Rees. no ISBN/self-pub 1952 by Diocese of Montreal/80 pp/hardcover/photos/6"X9". very good condition. 30.00 C$ (20.00 US$)

      The Pioneer Hamlet of Dover (Ontario) 1800-1814. By Harry B. Barrett. pub 1977 by Dover Mills Heritage Association/no ISBN/68 pp/staple bound/6"X9"/illus/photos. good condition. 16.00 C$ (9.00 US$)

      North Bay's (Ontario) Startpoint 1882, Early Arrivals Tell Their Own Stories. By C. Gunning. ISBN 0-9694712-7-X/pub by author 1998/248 pp/appendix/perfectbound/6"X9". In very good condition. 25.00 C$ (16.00 US$)

      King of The Rideau (Ontario). By Catherine L. Carroll. A historical novel based on the life of Moss Kent Dickenson. pub 1974 by author & Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Manotick, Ontario/no ISBN/85 pp/5.5"X8"/perfectbound/maps/photos/biblio. At some point the back cover and last pages of book have been wet. no mould no structural damage. '1982' (small) written on top corner front cover, also name and address of original owner on inside front and back covers. book in overall solid condition. 16.00 C$ (9.00 US$)

      Report of The Bureau of the Archives of 1904(Ontario). By Alexander Fraser. United Empire Loyalists, enquiry into the losses and services in consequence of their loyalty (American Revolutionary War). Evidence in the Canadian claims. no ISBN/704 pp/hardbound(has been re-bound)/6.5"X10". The book was originally in paper cover. at some point it has been case-bound. binding is good however two or three pages show signs of wear. Someone has written 'duplicate' on the cover in pencil. fair to good condition. 30.00 C$ (20.00 US$)

      Report of The Bureau of the Archives of 1906(Ontario). By Alexander Fraser. A report detailing proclamations and records preserved in the Archives of Ontario during 1906. no ISBN/496 pp/cardstock cover(has been re-bound)/6.5"X10". The book was originally in paper cover. at some point it has been re-covered with what appears to be cardstock from a manila file folder. binding is unprofessional, however contents of the book are complete. 15.00 C$ (9.00 US$)

      West Garafraxa Township (Wellington County, Ontario), Centennial History. By Jean F. Hutchinson. no ISBN/65 pp/staple bound/6"X9"/pub 1967 by township council/photos. good used condition. 30.00 C$ (19.00 US$)

      Promise of Eden, The Canadian Expansionist Movement and Idea of the West 1856-1900. By Doug Owram. 1992 reprint of 1980 title By University of Toronto Press. ISBN 0-8020-7390-5/264 pp/index/notes/sources/perfect-bound/6"X9"/. In good used condition. 15.00 C$ (9.00 US$)

      Some Sketches of the Early Highland Pioneers of the County of Middlesex (Ontario). By Hugh McColl. Originally prepared for the Gaelic Society of Toronto and published in 1904, this edition is a historical reprint that was published in 1979 by Canadian Heritage Publications. This reprint includes a supplement of the Breadalbane Muniments and an index. ISBN 0-920648-02-9/88 pp/perfectbound/6"X9"/index. in very good condition. 15.00 C$ (9.00 US$)


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