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  • Judith Rempel
    thought I d share this note with all. Charlie s suggestion is an excellent one and I ve added a link to the 1906 Census homepage. I ve also reorganized that
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2003
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      thought I'd share this note with all. Charlie's suggestion is an
      excellent one and I've added a link to the 1906 Census homepage.

      I've also reorganized that page slightly so that the District links are
      on the right and resources like Post Office, Map, MrSid tips, etc.
      appear on the left.

      I've also remove dthe bulky left-side navigation now from all 1906
      Census pages. It remains on the pages of the rest of the AFHS website.

      Hopefully this will make it easier to open several windows
      simultaneously and still get a view of the page information that you need.

      There are other suggestions to implement - so keep watching. Well, I
      guess I should say - keep transcribing!

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      Subject: POST OFFICES
      Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 13:41:59 -0700
      From: Charles Aubin <cwaubin@...>
      Organization: http://www.3web.net - Absolutely Free Internet Access
      To: Rempel Judy <rempel@...>

      Hi Judy:
      The Post Office referral was in the CFHCPatronNewsletter and is as
      www.archives.ca/02/020109_e.html Make sure people put in the under
      slash between 02 and e.html. At the top right click Search the
      database. When I used the search it was very jittery. By that I mean
      it did not respond the first time or second time but did the third time,
      so don't give up. You will get the post office names, the postmaster
      history and at the bottom under additional information the location for
      this post office (town, village etc.), which is what you are looking
      for. Hope this helps.
      best reguards Charlie

      In Kinship,
      Judith Rempel, Webster


      Alberta Family Histories Society

      Canadian Genealogical Projects Register

      1906 Census Transcription Centre

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