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Sub-sec 12 Canmore, Kananaskis, Exshaw 1906

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  • E.Rodier
    Anyone interested in the Canmore area? I didn t find any names resident on Mr. Cushing s property east of Canmore and there aren t any occupations to help
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      Anyone interested in the Canmore area? I didn't find any names resident on
      Mr. Cushing's property east of Canmore and there aren't any occupations to
      help guess which boarding houses had miners or other kinds of workers in the
      area. Page [29] of Sub-District 12 has no names but totals of other pages
      1120 names, 115 horses, 66 milk cows.

      One of Mr. Cushing's brothers has not been found in the Wellington 1901
      census (another transcription project in progress) or in Calgary 1906 unless
      they are in 26a not yet checked. They might be in Regina or Moose Jaw, dates
      in the family history are a little vague. The June 1906 census addresses
      matched the 1906 Calgary city directory addresses for known households.

      Canmore has added another location variation of Lot numbers to the Calgary
      Sections 15 & 16 (land division on the original census form,) Ward 3
      (voting,) Block numbers and house numbers found in the location columns in
      the Calgary sub-districts. The census takers assumed that anyone reading
      would see a full page. Visitors to the census web pages see parts of pages
      and a transcription prints on two legal size pages without the headers on
      the second page.

      Some of the men in boarding houses had the same year of Immigration and may
      have moved to Alberta in organized groups shortly before the census of June
      1906. Did they stay in Alberta when mining slowed down or return to Europe?

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