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  • Robert Boynton
    MessageLorna Wonderful, this is a much better way to accomplish the task RB ... From: Lorna Laughton To: Judie Riddell Cc: AFHS Genealogy List Sent: Tuesday,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2003
      Wonderful, this is a much better way to accomplish the task
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 12:52 PM
      Subject: Bookmarks

      Hi Judie:
      When you are asking about "Favorites" from Outlook, these are the same "Favorites" that are on your Internet Explorer program.
      I found another way to make a separate file of these internet addresses.
      • Go into Internet Explorer.
      • On your home page (or maybe when you are at any address), click "File" on the top toolbar - far left.
      • Then choose "Import or Export".
      • Up pops the Import/Export Wizard. In the Wizard, choose " next".
      • You have 4 choices of what to import/export: Import Favorites, Export Favorites, Import Cookies, Export Cookies. Since you want to make a file of your favorites, click on "Export Favorites".
      • You will see your Favorites folder perhaps with some sub folders. I highlighted the top level "Favorites" folder to include all the sub-folders whether I wanted to send them or not. I can edit and delete some from the finished file later. Click "next".
      • The Wizard asks you to choose a file or directory to send the new exported file to. Click "browse" and find a directory on your drive where you want to keep this. I didn't try to add this file to another file because it is an ".htm" file, and I don't have any other .htm files. I chose my C:/My Documents/Computer Information/ directory. You can rename the file too (either now or do it later from Windows Explorer). Click "save".
      • On Wizard page, click "next".
      • On the completing Wizard page, click "finish".
      • You will see a message saying 'successfully exported favorites'. Click OK.
      • Minimize or close Internet Explorer.
      • Bring up Windows Explorer.
      • Go to the drive, directory, and folders where you put your new exported file. You will see that the file description ends with '.htm'.
      • If you double click on the file to open it, it shows you a list of all the bookmarks or favorites. They are in blue because they are active htm links or shortcuts to the web sites.
      • You can edit this file - take out any other shortcuts that you don't want to send to someone else or keep. Close the file, and exit Windows Explorer.
      • In Outlook, when you create an e-mail, you can now attach (paperclip) this file to it.
      • The recipient would need to reverse the above process by going into their Internet Explorer and choosing to "Import Favorites".
      I hope this works for you.
      Lorna Laughton
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