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RE: Help needed - ideas?

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Even worse is giving vital details on living people, such as name, birthdate and place and mother s maiden name. These have been used in identity theft. It is
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      Even worse is giving vital details on living people, such as name, birthdate
      and place and mother's maiden name. These have been used in identity theft.

      It is better to say so and so about x years old or born in 1922 but leave
      date out. Even if the cousin born in 1922 is deceased, her children have
      been identified as to their exact name, birthdate and mother's maiden name.

      Canada has taken steps to improve privacy for living people (to the extent
      of overboard with the census). Still privacy legislation is toothless if
      people give out information to all who ask or give out information on others
      without their express consent.

      For your own protection ask credit card, banks and other financial
      institutions to use something other than your mother's maiden name as unique
      identification. My persistence all the way to the top in a couple of such
      institutions forced them to open their policies to any code word or name.
      For those that refused to listen I gave out a phony maiden name. Now I just
      have to remember which one I gave to whom. But this is far better than
      risking theft of my financial identity.

      I had a rude awakening and became much more caution after my wallet and ID
      were taken a few years ago. The ID included my driver's licence, SIN, credit
      cards and so on. As a genealogist my mother's maiden name is probably no
      secret and the suspects were people I worked with since no one could enter
      my work area without proper ID. Although I had reported my credit cards
      stolen immediately the police advised me to also immediately change whatever
      code words I had used for any institutions as they stated often identity
      thefts occurred in these situations.

      Two years later, someone successfully reopened a credit card saying she was
      me and ran up a number of bills in my name using my correct address, name,
      birthplace, birthdate, mother's maiden name, etc. After a bit of a battle
      all these charges to my name were cleared. The perpetrator has never been

      One of my friend's was not so lucky. Someone racked up thousands of dollars
      in her name. The credit card companies took her to court and although she
      was able to prove it was identity theft (she was in hospital in a completely
      different city from where the purchases were made and was in surgery at the
      exact time she supposedly made some online and telephone purchases) she
      still ended up with legal bills in the thousands of dollars.

      What about others who do not have such an iron-clad alibi?

      So think before you share vital stats of living people and/or yourself.

      à bientôt,

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      A.G.E. Ancestree Genealogical Enterprises
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      Hello all--I am a bit uncomfortable with a request like
      this --- we are not a detective agency and we are being
      asked if we can assist in finding a living person.

      I believe that if anyone DOES find these people -- they
      should first ask them if they WANT to be found.

      Just being cautious --I believe we have a policy that
      limits this kind of search. If an individual wants to get in
      touch with RM McLean personally-- they could do it without
      using our list.
      Guess I sound like an old crank-- I hope you understand what
      I mean.

      Donna Coulter

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      > Hi Members: Perhaps someone has an idea that will help my
      cousin. I
      > haven't done any Canadian research so my knowledge of the
      process here
      > is limited. Thanks in advance. RoseMarie McLean
      > I have had another bash at tracing my cousin, Hazel Wendy
      Green (née
      > Smith)
      > born 30 April 1922, who went to Canada on 16 May 1954 with
      her husband
      > Aubrey
      > (?) and 2 daughters, Gillian 22 Jan 1950 and Sally Ann 17
      Nov 1952. It's
      > always diificult to trace a female relative, but she was a
      nurse and her
      > husband was a cabinet maker or carpenter. There were about
      8 ships that
      > sailed for Canada about that time. Next time I am in
      London, I might try
      > to
      > get to the PRO at Kew, where they hold the BoT passenger
      lists. If I
      > could
      > find the ship they actually sailed on it might also show
      their expected
      > destination. At the moment I have no idea, where in Canada
      they could be.
      > She never contacted her mother again to my knowledge, a
      mystery and a
      > tragedy for Mabel, her mother, who is now of course, dead.
      She had a
      > brother
      > Gordon and I often wondered if there was a falling out
      there for some
      > reason, he was a policeman and a bit of a bruiser. I've
      checked 411 for a
      > current phone number without success. But the likehood is
      that, if she is
      > still alive, she is with one or other of her daughters,
      who probably are
      > married and have changed their names. If you have any
      bright ideas about
      > another course of action, do let me know!
      > Gene Police: YOU! ... Out of the Pool.
      > RoseMarie McLean
      > Mathom House Box #954
      > Kaslo BC Canada
      > VOG 1MO
      > RoseMarie McLean
      > 176 Lynnwood Drive S. E.
      > Calgary AB Canada
      > T2C OS9
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca


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