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Fwd: [BRUCE] Post 1901 Census -- 1906 Census records released today

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  • Eileen McElroy
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2003
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      > Greetings All.
      > "Genealogists, historians, and researchers across the country won a
      >major victory today as Industry Minister Allan Rock announced the
      >immediate release of the nominal records from the 1906 census. Ontario
      >Senator Lorna Milne (Liberal -- Peel Region) welcomed the news."
      >So reads the opening paragraph of a News Release issued today, 24
      >January 2003, by Senator Lorna Milne.
      >The full text of Senator Milne's News Release, and other pertinent News
      >Releases, can be found on the Post 1901 Census Project website at
      > http://www.globalgenealogy.com/Census
      > The announced release of the 1906 Special Census of the Western
      >Provinces is indeed a major victory for genealogists and historians who
      >have been actively campaigning for this for the past five years. It is
      >felt that release of the 1906 Census will lead the way for the eventual
      >release of the 1911 and subsequent Censuses of Canada.
      >We are grateful to Industry Minister Allan Rock for recognizing what is
      >right and proper, and doing what legally should have been done in 1998.
      >We are pleased that the Minister has released the 1906 records in
      >full, and without restrictions, on the same basis as 1901 and earlier
      >records have been available.
      > We are grateful also to MP Murray Calder, and especially to Senator
      >Lorna Milne for the effort they have put in for us to reach this point
      >in our campaign.
      >We have won a major battle, but the war is not yet over. We have yet to
      > deal with expected legislation that must ensure the orderly and
      > continued release of Historic Census records, after the legislated
      > period of closure. We expect that legislation to be brought down
      > shortly after Parliament resumes sitting at the end of January. We
      > trust Minister Rock, in drafting the legislation, to remember that what
      > we seek is the same unrestricted access to records after, now 1906, that
      > is currently available for records up to then.
      > Check my latest column giving more details at
      > http://globalgazette.net/gazce/gazce89.htm
      > Happy Hunting.
      > Gordon A. Watts gordon_watts@...
      > Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee
      > Port Coquitlam, BC
      > http://globalgenealogy.com/Census
      > en fran├žais http://globalgenealogy.com/Census/Index_f.htm
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