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  • Xenia Stanford
    Jan 7, 2003
      I too think it was a great talk. I had already spent a bit of time talking to Perry Snow a few years ago. Around that time I saw a documentary on CBC about the Home Children. It showed many cases in Canada and all of them sad for even if they were treated well by their new families, these children were uprooted from their own usually loving families and both sides were told the other was dead. There is absolutely no happy story in any of this. Even those who in the documentary found their parents and/or siblings before they died had been denied knowing who they were and growing up with their flesh and blood family.
      It is good to know though that some had a level of peace from learning and meeting their family. I wonder if anyone knows the name of the documentary. I would like to see if we could obtain a copy for the AFHS library or if the Public Library would have a copy in their video collection.

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      Hi all:
      I called David Bly at the Herald this morning, and he was very interested in Mr. Snow.  David will be in touch with Mr. Snow upon his return from the UK.
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      I'd just like to say that who-ever was responsible for booking Mr. Snow as our Guest Speaker for last night, has to be thanked immensely.  Mr. Snow's talk was a real "eye-opener" for many of us, I'm sure.  Its a subject well worth investigatin, even for those of us who don't think we have any connection with "Home Children".  Thanks to the Program Committee, and thanks to Mr. Snow!
      Phyllis Ziajka

      Rene Dussome wrote:

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