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  • John Doyle
    Jan 7, 2003
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      Hi all,

      John's grandfather was, I'm sure, a Home Child from Belfast. Born in 1877,
      he was sent to Stratford, Ontario in 1888, according to his daughter. He
      was separated from his sisters and brother. He came west and lived in
      Nanton, then farmed west of Nanton.

      In 1947 he advertised in the papers and found a sister living on a farm near
      Athabasca, north of Edmonton. He and his wife travelled up there to meet
      his long lost sister after all those years of separation. We have the

      Judith Doyle

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      > Thank you Rene for letting us know there were some reasonably happy
      > stories also.
      > I sent a note of thanks to Perry Snow for his excellent talk.
      > Contacting the Herald was a great idea.
      > Al
      > ps I was the first to loan Snow's book from our AFHS library
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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