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892Re: Genealogy program on PDA

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  • Lorna Laughton
    Dec 15, 2002
      Hi RoseMarie:

      I have an Compaq Ipaq PDA 3850. I bought a software program called
      "Pocket Genealogist" which I use to show my genealogy program on the
      PDA. It works really well. I can look up people on my program for
      information when I am at the Family History Centre or any repository.

      This program is not the same as having your genealogy software program
      on a laptop. On the PDA, I don't input information. A few of the
      features of my genealogy software don't transfer to the PDA "Pocket
      Genealogist" - i.e. the "to do" list.

      I use Legacy Family Tree genealogy software. I knew that "Pocket
      Genealogist" had been set up to use Legacy database files directly (no
      GEDCOM), so I bought a PDA that would take "Pocket Genealogist".
      Apparently, the PALM pilot types of PDA's won't take "Pocket
      Genealogist". The Compaq Ipaq was expensive, but I wanted it for my
      genealogy. If you look at the "Pocket Genealogist" web site, it will
      tell you the other brands of PDAs that it works with. I believe that
      Elizabeth Rodier has it on her Jornada PDA. Maybe it works with some
      models of Palms now too. The program works with other software programs,
      but I think that it goes through a GEDCOM. So it may be possible to use
      it with Reunion.

      Pocket Genealogist loads on both my computer and the PDA. Whenever I
      want to update the PDA version of my Legacy database, I just do a
      synchronization step. The family tree is displayed slightly differently
      on the PDA screen, but the information is all there, including sources
      and notes. No more looking at the same microfilm again!

      I bought "Pocket Genealogist" through the Legacy Family Tree web site,
      but you can also go to the Northern Hills Software company who developed

      Lorna Laughton lornalaughton@...

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      Sent: Friday, December 13, 2002 8:48 PM

      I do not want to carry my laptop to the UK in the spring. I use buses
      and trains and try to carry only one bag. But, I am thinking of getting
      a palm something or other. Do you have any comments on such a purchase?

      RoseMarie McLean
      Mathom House Box #954
      Kaslo BC Canada
      VOG 1MO

      RoseMarie McLean
      176 Lynnwood Drive S. E.
      Calgary AB Canada
      T2C OS9

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