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  • RM McLean
    Dec 13, 2002
      Hi Mary: I think it is a blackhead (pimple) extractor as I read from
      magazines from the '50s when I was a pimply teenager. I never did buy
      one but was always intrigued.

      I do not want to carry my laptop to the UK in the spring. I use buses
      and trains and try to carry only one bag. But, I am thinking of getting
      a palm something or other. Do you have any comments on such a purchase?

      I put Reunion V8 on my computer and also downloaded the security and
      then OS10.1.5

      Then I found out there was no driver for my Epson C80! Aiiiiiiii !
      so, for now i will use OS9.2 rm

      Genealogy -- chasing your own tale!

      RoseMarie McLean
      Mathom House Box #954
      Kaslo BC Canada
      VOG 1MO

      RoseMarie McLean
      176 Lynnwood Drive S. E.
      Calgary AB Canada
      T2C OS9

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