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794Re: Higgs - Cushing marriage

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  • E.Rodier
    Nov 25, 2002
      Hi Dianne,
      Thanks for the suggestion. The two older girls belonged to the first Mrs.
      Cushing who died in Ontario and they are listed in the household with
      grandparents in 1881. 1901 online census information for them is unclear.
      Three children of the second Mrs. Cushing died as infants during the 1880s
      in Calgary. Sandstone gravestone at Union is unclear in a 2002 photo and
      father's marker in another section appears to have different date for one of
      the infants. There are two stones for the third Mrs. Cushing.

      Combined files of three researchers yet to be sorted out, especially for the
      Higgs descendants. Variations for a few details in the Higgs book, newspaper
      clippings and Cushing web site.

      Eventually my files will have images of source documents and newspaper
      articles showing the details that do not match from one source to another.
      This group has connections to my earliest relatives in Calgary 1907, family
      stories and several keepsakes.

      ----- Original Message -----
      > Re: DOB of Maud Please consider that some women returned to the
      > for the birth of their children. Some in my family did.
      > Dianne

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