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791Re: Higgs - Cushing marriage

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  • dinie@telusplanet.net
    Nov 25, 2002
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      Re: DOB of Maud Please consider that some women returned to the east
      for the birth of their children. Some in my family did.

      Xenia Stanford wrote:

      > Also Elizabeth, I found in searching the Glenbow Archives at
      > http://www.glenbow.org/lasearch/basic.htm
      > using the word Cushing:
      > Title
      > Dates
      > 1912-1977
      > Physical description
      > 50 cm of textual records. -- 36 photographs
      > History
      > Alfred Bruce Cushing, 1865-1944, was born in Ontario and taught there for
      > many years. In 1900 he moved to Edmonton where he joined his younger
      > brother, Arthur, in managing a branch of Cushing Brothers Ltd., a lumber
      > company started in Calgary, Alberta in 1885 by their older brother, William
      > H. Cushing. A.B. Cushing was vice-president and manager, and later
      > secretary-treasurer of Cushing Brothers until 1910. In 1911 he formed his
      > own lumber business in Calgary, the A.B. Cushing Lumber Company. In 1926
      > this company amalgamated with R.L. Cushing Millwork Company of Moose Jaw,
      > and the Vancouver firms of Masterbilt Doors, Cushing Mills (British
      > Columbia), and North Vancouver Sawmills under the name A.B. Cushing Mills
      > Ltd.
      > ...
      > There is more there to this listing and it is 1 of ten records mentioning
      > the Cushing family.
      > According to this William H. Cushing was in Calgary by 1885 but if one and
      > the same, the family perhaps did not join him until after Maud's birth in
      > 1886.
      > But record 4 shows Mrs. W.H. Cushing was in Calgary by 1885 as well:
      > The Methodist Ladies' Society led by Mrs. W.H. Cushing, and the Blue Ribbon
      > Temperance Society both began in 1885.
      > So either the DOB for Maud is wrong (pretty fuzzy on the film) or the place
      > of birth is wrong for her. To me it looks like Maud's birthday is 24 Sept.
      > 1880 rather than 1886 in the printed index. This would also match with the
      > age 22 for her marriage to F.F. Higgs in 1902.

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