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789RE: Higgs - Cushing marriage

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nov 25, 2002
      Also Elizabeth, I found in searching the Glenbow Archives at

      using the word Cushing:



      Physical description
      50 cm of textual records. -- 36 photographs

      Alfred Bruce Cushing, 1865-1944, was born in Ontario and taught there for
      many years. In 1900 he moved to Edmonton where he joined his younger
      brother, Arthur, in managing a branch of Cushing Brothers Ltd., a lumber
      company started in Calgary, Alberta in 1885 by their older brother, William
      H. Cushing. A.B. Cushing was vice-president and manager, and later
      secretary-treasurer of Cushing Brothers until 1910. In 1911 he formed his
      own lumber business in Calgary, the A.B. Cushing Lumber Company. In 1926
      this company amalgamated with R.L. Cushing Millwork Company of Moose Jaw,
      and the Vancouver firms of Masterbilt Doors, Cushing Mills (British
      Columbia), and North Vancouver Sawmills under the name A.B. Cushing Mills


      There is more there to this listing and it is 1 of ten records mentioning
      the Cushing family.
      According to this William H. Cushing was in Calgary by 1885 but if one and
      the same, the family perhaps did not join him until after Maud's birth in

      But record 4 shows Mrs. W.H. Cushing was in Calgary by 1885 as well:
      The Methodist Ladies' Society led by Mrs. W.H. Cushing, and the Blue Ribbon
      Temperance Society both began in 1885.

      So either the DOB for Maud is wrong (pretty fuzzy on the film) or the place
      of birth is wrong for her. To me it looks like Maud's birthday is 24 Sept.
      1880 rather than 1886 in the printed index. This would also match with the
      age 22 for her marriage to F.F. Higgs in 1902.

      This is a good lesson not to take indexed material as the final word!

      Wm. H. Cushing is mentioned in several other places in the 10 records and
      the Cushing brothers' mill(s).

      When I enter Higgs or Higg in the Archives search I get 0 hits.

      But when I search in the photo collection at
      there are 9 hits including
      Image number: LIB-2-3
      Title: Front elevation drawing of Calgary Furniture Store, Calgary, Alberta.
      Date: [ca. 1905]
      Remarks: William M. Dodd, architect. Building constructed for F.F. Higgs in
      1902 - 1903. Located at 126 - 8th Avenue East. Copied from "Picturesque
      Calgary", 1903 (Pam971.239 C151pic).
      Subjects: Architectural drawings / Calgary, Alberta - Buildings

      There is an H. Higgs listed as a member of the Students' Council, 1928-1929,
      University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. He could be the Herb Higgs shown
      at the General Supplies Limited banquet, Calgary, Alberta. Other pictures
      show a P.W. Higgs or Pat Higgs and one of the Officers, 15th Canadian Light
      Horse, Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta as simply Mr. Higgs.

      Either Herb (h.) or Pat (P.W.) Higgs could be children of F.F. Higgs and
      Maud Cushing.

      Still no clue to your J.F. Higgs but there may be something in the Glenbow
      Archives of help.

      W.H. Cushing is also found in the photo archives - namely picture of him
      among "Members of the first Alberta Legislature" 1905 and a nice large photo
      of Honorable W.H. Cushing, Alberta Minister of Public Works (ca 1905).

      Also the photo archives tell us that Louise Bridge was named for the
      daughter of W.H. Cushing, Minister of Public Works.

      There are many other photos including of his brother A.W. Cushing.

      So if you are looking for pioneer Alberta families especially in southern
      Alberta, don't forget to search both the Glenbow Archives and the photo
      Archives. You can also search the Glenbow library at
      http://www.glenbow.org/lasearch/glencat.htm even though in this particular
      case I didn't find anything about Cushing or Higgs.

      à bientôt,

      Xenia Stanford (president@...)
      A.G.E. Ancestree Genealogical Enterprises
      Column: "Nos Racines Francaise" http://globalgazette.net/
      Local book and magazine sales: http://www.knowmap.com/age/
      Celtic Stone Art: http://www/celticstoneart.com
      Phone: (403) 295-3490; Fax: (403) 274-0564

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      Subject: Higgs - Cushing marriage

      April 16, 1902 F.F. Higgs, proprietor of The Calgary Furniture Company
      married Alice Maud Cushing, daughter of former mayor W. H. Cushing. Does
      anyone have connections to the Higgs family? A son Dr. Higgs worked in
      Calgary and moved to BC prior to 1934.

      I'm looking for any information to identify JF Higgs listed in an index to
      the 1891 census. FF Higgs left home before the 1891 census and may have been
      in Calgary. The Calgary Furniture Company ads regularly appeared in the 1902
      Herald and he was president of the young liberals. Found the wedding
      announcements in Herald and Albertan online newspaper images. -- Elizabeth

      AFHS library has a 530 page book A History of the Higges or Higgs Family
      published in England 1933.
      South Stoke, County of Oxford
      Thatcham, County of Berks

      Chapter XX has The Higgs Family of Bermudas Islands and Charlottetown, PEI
      with the Calgary & BC connection.
      Chapter XXI has the Higgs Family of USA, descendants of John Higgs who
      settled in Virginia about 1650

      The book is interesting for the amount of detail on the Higgs family, closer
      to a one-name study than a traditional family book with all descendants of a
      selected ancestor. It has an index of places, index to subjects, index of
      names and separate index for names in the USA chapter. Lots of pictures and
      some family charts, no maps.


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