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779Re: 1901 English Census - Methods of Payment

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  • Rene Dussome
    Nov 22, 2002
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      Dear Judith:

      > Is there a minimum amount one can spend when using a credit card (I am only
      > paying for 7 families, which comes to 5.25 pounds) in the timed period?

      I have just answered your earlier e-mail. Perhaps I should have read
      both e-mails before replying.

      The minimum amount per credit card session (per 96 hours) is £5. If you
      state that you wish to open with say £10 and only use £5.25 then that is
      all you will be charged for. It is better to state a higher amount in
      case you end up getting more images than you first thought. For
      instance, one of your families might be on two pages of the census and
      it would cost you 2 x 75p to download both pages.

      The length of a credit card session has been extended to 96 hours for
      the time being. The original time limit posted on the site was 48 hours.

      Make a note of the session number in case you have problems later.

      During a session you can go back to an image you have already looked at
      and you will not be charged extra.

      Remember to suspend your account rather than logout if you think you may
      go back within the 96 hours. When you are satisfied that you have done
      everything you want to do then you can logout.

      I was half way through this e-mail when Gordon Hulbert came to pick up
      an English stamp. Marg needs to send a stamped, addressed envelope to
      someone in England. Gordon and I chatted, consequently more time has
      elapsed since my first message.

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