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72Re: Edmonton Cemeteries

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  • william campbell
    Aug 7, 2002
      Hi Rob:

      May I suggest that you send your message, exactly as written, to the Mayor of
      the City of Edmonton.

      Good luck


      Robert Boynton wrote:

      > Hello
      > Recently, I wrote an email to the Edmonton Cemeteries asking for a lookup
      > for an individuals burial record. I was looking for the Burial record of
      > someone who owns mineral rights in Alberta and were last known to live in
      > Edmonton.
      > I received an email in return from Tim McCargar stating that I needed to pay
      > them $10.00 for this search.
      > I wrote back to them stating that I had done research all over North America
      > at cemeteries and I had never been asked for money before. I ask who
      > instituted this and he said it was he himself and I could call him.
      > Tim McCargar: (780) 496-6981 Director of the City of Edmonton Heritage
      > Facilities. tim.mccargar@...
      > Personally, I find this a disguting state of affairs.
      > This is a money grab by an institution that has a monopoly on what is
      > considered every where else to be, PUBLIC INFORMATION.
      > This act of charging for public information flies in the face of all the
      > people in North America Volunteering their time to provide information about
      > our ancestry.
      > Millions of hours were spent recording events like the Ellis Island
      > Immigration, the Alberta Census Index, Cemetery indexes all over North
      > America, including many in Calgary and all across Alberta, the CPR Land
      > Aquisitions at the Glenbow, the list of acts of generosity of volunteers
      > goes on and on.
      > I, myself spent a year volunteering on the Genealogy Helplist for Calgary
      > when it first came out.
      > Myself, I cannot see the justification for charging for this information,
      > can you?
      > Rob Boynton
      > Calgary
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca
      > http://www.family-roots.ca

      William A. Campbell
      Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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