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70photocopies from Salt Lake

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  • Judi Lee
    Aug 7 8:07 PM
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      Just to let you know that I spoke with a woman at the FH
      Department in Salt Lake today who told me that the new prices for
      photocopies will not take effect until the end of the year. I was
      inquiring about whether they would be coming out with new forms
      that reflected the change in pricing, and she said they would
      notify me when they are ready, but that we are to use the old
      forms and prices until the end of the year. She didn't mention an
      exact date, but I assume the new pricing will take effect Jan,
      2003. I'm not sure why they didn't mention that in the Memorandum
      they sent me. Anyway, I would encourage you all to send for those
      copies before the end of the year so you can take advantage of the
      current lower rate.


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