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686Re: 1930's maps

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  • John Doyle
    Nov 7, 2002
      Most Counties , Municipal and Improvement Districts in the Province of
      Alberta publish on a semi-regular basis land ownership maps. These maps are
      usually on a scale of approx 1" to the mile. There has been concern
      expressed recently about privacy issues. The CITY FOLK have moved to the
      country and wish to retain their anonimity and are trying to prevent
      distribution of these maps.

      I expect that most municipal offices will have copies of their "OLD
      MAPS" on file, I have seen some mounted and hanging on walls in various
      municipal offices.

      The Alberta department of Municipal Affairs used to publish an index map of
      the province showing the counties, IDs and MDs. In addition there was a
      printout available; listing addresses, phone numbers elected officials and
      the name of the Mayor/Reeve (etc.) and Secretary for all towns, villages,
      hamlets counties, Special Areas, ID/MDs etc. cross referenced to the map.

      Similar maps were available in the 60's for Saskatchewan. I expect that
      they are still avaiable from the individual Rural Municipalities.

      I used to have all this Alberta information. I will try to find it and if I
      do I will give it to the AFHS library.
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      > Hmmm might help me, what about north a ways to athabasca?
      > donna may
      > "E.Rodier" wrote:
      > > Is anyone researching 1930's farms east of Calgary? There are some maps
      > > showing names of farmers from Chestermere Lake to the west side of
      > > north of the Bow River and Blackfoot reserve about as far north as
      > > A larger map shows the roads, towns, railways, townships, creeks.
      > > Elizabeth
      > >
      > > http://www.afhs.ab.ca
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca

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