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68Re: Edmonton Cemeteries

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  • Rene
    Aug 7, 2002
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      Unfortunately, it's a fact of life - a case of supply and demand.

      When I first started to do research in 1981 I was able to obtain burial
      information from the cemetery in Leeds, Yorkshire where many of my people were
      buried for two pounds each request.

      Then without warning, many years ago now Leeds City Council decided to charge
      £25 per request - yes, twenty-five pounds sterling!

      Needless to say, I haven't submitted any requests since then.

      People who live locally can visit the cemetery office and look at the register
      free of charge.

      I might add that I have received a lot of useful information from the Saskatoon
      cemetery, free of charge. It all depends who is running the show I guess.


      > Recently, I wrote an email to the Edmonton Cemeteries asking for a lookup
      > for an individuals burial record. I was looking for the Burial record of
      > someone who owns mineral rights in Alberta and were last known to live in
      > Edmonton.
      > I received an email in return from Tim McCargar stating that I needed to pay
      > them $10.00 for this search.
      > I wrote back to them stating that I had done research all over North America
      > at cemeteries and I had never been asked for money before. I ask who
      > instituted this and he said it was he himself and I could call him.
      > Tim McCargar: (780) 496-6981 Director of the City of Edmonton Heritage
      > Facilities. tim.mccargar@...
      > Personally, I find this a disguting state of affairs.
      > This is a money grab by an institution that has a monopoly on what is
      > considered every where else to be, PUBLIC INFORMATION.
      > This act of charging for public information flies in the face of all the
      > people in North America Volunteering their time to provide information about
      > our ancestry.
      > Millions of hours were spent recording events like the Ellis Island
      > Immigration, the Alberta Census Index, Cemetery indexes all over North
      > America, including many in Calgary and all across Alberta, the CPR Land
      > Aquisitions at the Glenbow, the list of acts of generosity of volunteers
      > goes on and on.
      > I, myself spent a year volunteering on the Genealogy Helplist for Calgary
      > when it first came out.
      > Myself, I cannot see the justification for charging for this information,
      > can you?
      > Rob Boynton
      > Calgary
      > http://www.afhs.ab.ca
      > http://www.family-roots.ca

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