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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nov 4, 2011

      Like all things that live off donations or are publicly supported is that there is a limit to money and resources. This is not in the value or loss of the resources.


      As far as I can tell between my current use of LAC and my past use is that there has been an improvement over the years. I can’t tell what impact the last three years have had on it. I can tell what the last year or so the impact at Glenbow has been. So for LAC, where would you take the money from to save it? Which program or programs would you be willing to have reduced or would you prefer to pay more taxes to rectify the situation.


      I think one of the donors to the Glenbow is the City of Calgary and again your tax dollar at work but, as we know in our own finances, a dollar will only stretch so far.


      I believe the Glenbow is in a more serious situation – it just has not been pumped up to a disaster because it doesn’t suit a political agenda. CAUT is anti-conservative government and want to pin the whole problem on Harper. I am not saying I support Harper and I have never voted conservative, but I am very suspicious of CAUT motives. If they want to prove me wrong, then send out a press release that has more specifics or proof in it. We would not listen to rumours or stories we hear about our ancestry without checking it out. So why are we so ready to believe a Press Release without checking it out? I’m not saying it might not be true but I am very sad that genealogists are spreading the rumours, which might be false, from a single press release, not from any verifiable data. That is why makes me shake my head when the library and archive communities are not broadcasting this press release. That’s my main problem with this situation. Not it may be true or not, but that we send out as proof a single press release and anyone can write a press release to say anything. I wrote press releases for LAC and other government/non-government organizations. Even though I always strove for accuracy, there are times when I had to go with what the organization wanted to be said without the in-depth research I wanted to do before completing it. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say and I had to write what the client expected.


      Please check it out! This is what Laura is doing and I suggest we do the same before we jump on the bandwagon.


      Besides, how is CAUT going to miraculously save the day? Will they put money where their mouth is? What are they proposing? Have you heard one iota of how they plan to save LAC from whatever evil has befallen it? I suggest they are trying to topple the current government rather than propose any other plan to save LAC. Have you read their other literature about the evils of the current government and Harper?


      Let’s stop and do what we should be doing best: research!




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      The difference btw the Government Archives and the Glenbow situation, among other things is where the money comes from - I believe Glenbow lives off private grants/donations, and the Government Archives is OUR'S.





      On 2011-11-04, at 11:26, Xenia Stanford wrote:

      why are we not crying the alarm to save the Glenbow Library and Archives? They have taken serious hits in terms of the economy. The staff has been reduced to two people – the head and a librarian. You no longer get a person at the end of the telephone call. You leave a message and you are lucky to hear back in a reasonable time. There is no one who knows much about the Metis/First Nations collection. The displays are horrible. I took a visiting genealogy speaker from England to them a few years ago and I was embarrassed at how bad the collections were. They were much better many years ago. I called an archivist to ask about certain items I had donated to see where they were. He said he was the last person left and he had no idea and no time to check.


      Just my 50 bucks worth for now.


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