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6625Re: Glenbow Archives

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  • Mary Arthur
    Nov 4, 2011
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      The difference btw the Government Archives and the Glenbow situation, among other things is where the money comes from - I believe Glenbow lives off private grants/donations, and the Government Archives is OUR'S.

      On 2011-11-04, at 11:26, Xenia Stanford wrote:

      why are we not crying the alarm to save the Glenbow Library and Archives? They have taken serious hits in terms of the economy. The staff has been reduced to two people – the head and a librarian. You no longer get a person at the end of the telephone call. You leave a message and you are lucky to hear back in a reasonable time. There is no one who knows much about the Metis/First Nations collection. The displays are horrible. I took a visiting genealogy speaker from England to them a few years ago and I was embarrassed at how bad the collections were. They were much better many years ago. I called an archivist to ask about certain items I had donated to see where they were. He said he was the last person left and he had no idea and no time to check.
      Just my 50 bucks worth for now.

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