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  • Laura A Kirbyson
    Oct 29, 2011
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      I agree with Wayne that caution is the way to go. LAC is the official repository for the Government of Canada, therefore all records from every Government department are accessioned to this repository. From my knowledge, LAC is run not by the party in power but by the Privy Council Office so I cannot envision any way that a government party could control the process. Perhaps the CAUT’s point is that the selection of non-government records is being impacted?


      Over the past few years I have heard many rumours about the restructuring of LAC but it has more to do with the change in its classification system (of which I am NOT a fan) and not with respect to its collection mandate.


      Rene, I’ll be very, very curious to learn what you find out (and have fun!!).


      Laura Kirbyson



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      Thanks Wayne for opening our eyes.


      It all sounded strange to me when I read it.


      I shall be at LAC next month so I will try to get their view (if possible).


      Rene Dussome


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      This might require a bit more digging to find out whether there is a problem.  This seems to be a cause only of the CAUT which does not seem to like the Conservative government who they think has “worked at producing a cultural transformation” and worry that other “(f)unding cuts have decimated the social landscape.”  They are now complaining about a “modernization project began last spring with a mandate to review how collections are acquired and preserved.”  There may be a bit of unfounded hysteria here in their campaign and certainly a dislike of current politicians who are now in charge.  I am sure they are concerned about preserving materials from Canada’s history but we need to separate what is real here and what is in the imagination of groups who just don’t like conservative policies.


      Wayne Shepheard
      Editor, Chinook


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      Subject: LAC


      This will be interesting to follow.  I didn't realize Libraries and Archives Canada was having issues. (as posted in Dick Eastman's newsletter - http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2011/10/announcing-a-campaign-to-save-library-and-archives-canada.html


      Announcing a Campaign to Save Library and Archives Canada

      Listen with webReader

      The following brief announcement was written by the Canadian Association of University Teachers and published at http://www.caut.ca/pages.asp?page=1036:

      Canadian Association of University Teachers to launch national campaign to Save Library and Archives Canada

      (Ottawa, October 28, 2011) On Wednesday, November 2, the Canadian Association of University Teachers will launch its national campaign: “Save Library and Archives Canada”.

      The campaign will expose how major restructuring of Library and Archives Canada is undermining the institution responsible for preserving Canada’s history and heritage. “Library and Archives Canada is cutting services and acquisitions. Unless this is reversed, the damage to our country will be enormous,” said CAUT’s executive director James L. Turk.



      James Turk, Executive Director, Canadian Association of University Teachers
      Liam McGahern, President, Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada


      Announcement of National Campaign to “Save Library and Archives Canada”


      Charles-Lynch Press Conference Room, Centre Block, Parliament Hill


      Wednesday, Nov 2 at 11:


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