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6568Re: Today - I Can Protect Against Theft

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  • Phil Duby
    Sep 15 9:53 AM
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      Just in case anyone did not *know*, this message is a phishing attack.
      That link is fake.  It **actually** points to what looks like a
      private use page on http://thekempei.com/, and the servers the email
      came from are in Russia.

      On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 00:43, RBC Advice Centre
      <rbcadvicecentre@...> wrote:
      > Dear customer,
      > It has come to our attention that our clients receive phone calls from someone who pretends that is an official RBC agent.
      > RBC Royal Bank official agents don't call customers to ask them about their account details and personal data.
      > In order to address this issue and as we want to protect your account/transactions/payments we created a new security form.
      > You have to create yourself a 3 digits phone confirmation pin.
      > From now on, when you make a payment/transaction, you'll get a phone call from one of our official agents and you will have to tell him the phone confirmation pin to authorize your transaction.
      > You may also create a secondary login account attached on your existing one.
      > Take a moment and update your personal phone pin and the secondary account log in data.
      > Direct link to create a phone confirmation pin:
      > https://www1.royalbank.com/cgi-bin/rbaccess/canada/english/client-area/new/phone-pin.html?client=SIGNIN
      > This is an automated message. Please do not reply directly to this e-mail.
      > Royal Bank of Canada © 1995-2011
      > ----------------------------------------------------------------
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