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6559Heather Jaremko

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  • Mabel Kiessling
    Aug 29, 2011
      I had the priviledge of working with Heather on Queries from September 2007 to March 2009 when I left to work with Newspaper
      Extractions. She looked after finding the obituaries while I looked after the rest of the queries. Everyweek, after picking up the
      mail from the Library, I would drive to her house in the "far east" of the city and deliver the letters for her records. At least
      once Andy got involved when we needed a photo of a monument in a cemetery. I transitioned with Heather and Andy as they moved their
      household (and all its problems) from the "far east" to the "far west" of the city. Heather and I also worked together carrying
      boxes up and down the stairs from the storage room to prepare the refreshments for AFHS meetings. Heather and Andy worked with me
      as she prepared a podcast. I was the representative for the Calgary Chapter of the American Historical Society of Germans from
      Russia. And I shared in her excitement as she gave her talk on podcasting in Medicine Hat at the 2010 Annual AGS Conference.

      I was shocked to learn of her death, and as a friend and colleague I will truly miss her. My condolences go out to Andy and all of
      Heather's family.

      Mabel Kiessling
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