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6552RE: Heather Jaremko's contributions to AFHS

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Aug 27, 2011

      She was also responsible for the Beginners Column in Chinook. I know that in my last issue (April 2011) there was a column from her. I cannot remember the start-date. I can look them up.


      She was also a member of our Ukrainian SIG, a friend and a colleague. We will miss her. In societies like ours, so much is done by so few. Heather definitely contributed so much as we can see by Lorna’s list and my recollecting her Chinook activity. We have lost a great one of the few.




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      She was assistant editor of Chinook – I don’t recall the dates but can look them up. I was so shocked to read of her death.




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      Hi Everyone:


      I wrote a very short note about Heather that might make it into the next Chinook, but I realized that I didn’t know all of the activities that she had taken part in over her years with AFHS. In order to make sure that we have a more complete record of her involvement, please let me know of any other events or committees that Heather was active with – to add to the following:

      -       Member 843 [what year was this?]

      -       Committee: AFHS-AGS Conference 2012

      -       Committee: Technology Event October 2010

      -       Committee: Colleen Fitzpatrick Event May 2010

      -       Administration: answering telephone message machine and relaying messages for over ten years to the present

      -       Board: Director 2010-2011

      -       Board: Director 2011-2012

      -       Administration: hospitality – kitchen committee refreshments for meetings

      -       Committee: Projects – involved with taking photos at cemeteries [what years?]

      -       Committee: Public Relations [how long had she been on this committee?]





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