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6501Missing entries in 1911 Calgary census

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  • Charlie Hansen
    Jun 5, 2011
      I have recently been doing a project on the early history of the entertainment
      industry in Calgary. I have found some names on the 1911 and 1912
      Henderson's directories that do not appear on the 1911 census. These names
      are some of the 18 names that appear on the July 1911 Charter of Local 212 of
      the International Association of Theatrical Employees.

      In particular I am missing the following:

      W. Hicklin, property man, Lyric Theatre, 635 7 Ave E.
      J. H. Silcock, property man, Lyric Theatre, 35 Ramsey Blk.
      J. H. Turner, bill poster, Lyric Theatre, 410 4 St E.
      T Welch, electrician, 703 4 St E.

      I have tried various spellings on the Automated Genealogy website but have not
      found them. Has anyone else got any missing people on the 1911 census?

      If anyone recognizes those names or any descendants of them, or of the other
      14 names listed below, some listed on Henderson's and the 1911 census, and
      some who appear to have just disappeared, I would appreciate any information
      that you might have.

      P. Addington, J. H. Bachman, J. W. Blockley,
      F. Brown, Len S. Brown, S. Brown,
      M. J Felland, R. L Hammond, P Herzog,
      Chas F. Hicklin, T Hicklin, E. C. Howells,
      R. C. Karr, J. Phelps

      Charlie Hansen