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6454Re: taking gedcom off the internet

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  • Mary Arthur
    May 12, 2011
      When you do this, open a new empty file, import the gedcom, look at it, see if there is anything you would like to tweak - the gedcom is a text file, so changes can be made. 

      Even if you do not make changes to the ged com, it is likely you will want to make changes to the file, so do so, wait a few days, think about it, look at it. . . before you import it into your main file, at which point, you will have to merge them. 

      BEFORE you merge - save a copy of both files. Clearly date and identify them.
      1. imported gedcom 
      2. tweaked gedcom import
      3. my family file correct as of
      4. merged family ged com.

      DO NOT add any new info to any of them for several days.

      Good luck, it is doable, but, time consuming.


      On 2011-05-12, at 08:39, Wayne Shepheard wrote:

      I believe that you can upload a GEDCOM file directly to begin your new tree.  Consult Ancestry or see their instructions athttp://trees.ancestry.com/Default.aspx?req=tree
      Wayne Shepheard
      Editor, Chinook
      Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 8:07 AM
      Subject: Ancestry.ca
      Hello all,
      I am working with a client and she is doing her family tree on Ancestry.ca. Is there any way, short of re-typing all of her information, that she can put the family tree into a genealogy program?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Heather Jaremko

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