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  • Carol Lylyk
    May 10, 2011
      By Tammy Vallee, The StarPhoenixMay 7, 2011
      Copied from the Can-Saskatchewan Roots web list.

      "With all the news coverage surrounding the election, little has been mentioned about the 2011 census taking place across Canada
      starting this month.
      While some of the changes to the census have been widely covered in the news, a key element has received almost no mention.
      When Statistics Canada in 2006 added the question, "Does this person agree to make his/her 2006 census information available for
      public release in 2098 (92 years after the census)?" the poor results were devastating to historians and genealogists around the
      Only 55 per cent of Canadians said yes to this question, which means that in 2098, when future researchers are seeking information
      on the people of the 2006 census, more than 14 million people will not be represented.
      In Saskatchewan, where only 56 percent responded with a Yes, those 424,000 Saskatchewan residents who said no or left it blank
      managed to completely erase themselves from the province's history. As a result, who we are as individuals, families and
      communities is in serious jeopardy of being lost to our descendants.
      Please don't let this continue. Take the time to talk to everyone you know about the importance of saying Yes to this very
      important question in the 2011 census and in the future.
      Leave your mark on history by saying Yes to the release of your census information in 2103."

      Carol Lylyk