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  • William Campbell
    May 5, 2011
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      Hi Folks:
      In order to achieve one of several new objectives aimed at growing our
      Society the Public Relations Committee needs your help.

      We are planning to offer our services to the business community in
      Calgary. Many corporations offer their employees participation in a
      programme often called 'Lunch and Learn'. These occasions are aimed at
      self development and range over a very wide range of topics. Our
      20-minute 'Here's Looking Up Your Ancestors' is a perfect fit for these

      We are asking your support in locating responsible staff within the
      Human Resources Departments of those companies who might be interested
      in offering genealogy/family history as a component of their 'Lunch and
      Learn' programme.

      If you, your family, or friends can provide us with a name(s) of someone
      in an H & R Department of a business in Calgary we will make the offer
      of a free speaker to address the ever-growing subject.

      Our PR Committee looks forward to your help in support of our 30th
      Anniversary celebration. A name, a company and a phone number or email
      address would be most helpful.

      Thank you.

      Bill Campbell
      AFHS Public Relations

      "People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." - Edmund Burke

      CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA