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6443Hi from Kelowna

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  • Xenia Stanford
    May 3 4:06 PM

      Hi everyone,


      I am now in Kelowna and I have been off my computer for almost four days due to packing, moving and unpacking (though there is a long way to go, I have managed to unearth the items needed for Internet and phone access). My cat was a mess through the process, including people tromping through the house packing and moving stuff out, an airplane ride, a night and day at a strange person’s house and finally in a new home. She took to the new home immediately, so that is a relief. As for me – it will be awhile until everything is in place. I certainly feel much better once connected to computer. I have not unpacked a single dish. I headed straight for the computer and phone equipment.


      I had very short notice for the actual move date and not much time to find a place here, prepare for the move and leave. Fortunately for all of us, Wayne Shepheard, assistant editor, was ready and willing to jump in as Chinook editor for the July issue. I know he will do a great job.


      For my clients or potential clients, I want you to know the move will only temporarily delay my getting back to business.

      For those of you attending, I will see you June 6th at the 30th anniversary celebration.


      Xenia Stanford