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6385RE: Who was Mr. C.A. Van Scey, Winnipeg, MB?

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  • Xenia
    Mar 13, 2011
      Hi Peter and Laura,
      Thank you for your suggestions. I think this would make a good Chinook article. Christine looked up the name and it was Van Scoy. The census entries were hard to read.
      Thanks again and I will compile the answers and put it in Chinook.

      From: Peter
      Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 3:16 PM
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      Subject: Re: Who was Mr. C.A. Van Scey, Winnipeg, MB?

      On 13/03/2011 2:30 PM, Laura A Kirbyson wrote:

      Hi Xenia,

      I’m working on some homework for a course on Canadian Immigration. One of the resources mentioned pertains to immigrants to Western Canada. Apparently, there’s a special collection at the University of Manitoba at http://umanitoba.ca/libraries/archives/prairie_immigration/.

      I did a couple of quick searches for ‘scey’, but nothing came up. That said, you might still find something relevant – my fingers are crossed for you!

      As I grew up in Winnipeg but don’t recall this name at all, I contacted a friend who’s family has also been in the Winnipeg area for a number of generations and we couldn’t come up with any Hungarian references.

      Although I suspect you’ve covered it, just in case you didn’t I wanted to confirm that you looked for Van Scey in the Western Land Grants (LAC). Perhaps he was a land-owner who sponsored people to come over and work on his land?


      Good luck!!


      Just some thoughts:

      Have you tried VanScey, "van Scoy" or vanscoy? All are spelling variations of the van Schaik name.

      There is the village of Vanscoy , southwest of Saskatoon along highway 7. Maybe looking into the town naming  history will get you some answers.

      Back in Belgium and the Netherlands there were agents for the Hudson Bay company recruiting potential immigrants and farm workers. Maybe the same was going on in Hungary?
      Other agents where working over on this side of the pond to receive and place these people.
      Looking in the Hudson Bay company archive might have him listed as one of their agents.

      Peter van Schaik





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      Subject: Who was Mr. C.A. Van Scey, Winnipeg, MB?


      Who was Mr. C.A. Van Scey, Winnipeg, MB? Many Hungarians and other East Europeans upon immigration gave him as their destination contact on a 1928 passenger list. The immigrants were listed as farm labourers (occupation #108).


      Xenia Stanford


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