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6379April issue on its way and planning for July issue

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Mar 12, 2011

      Hi everyone,


      The April issue is in the printers’ hands for printing and distribution and you should receive it in the next couple of weeks. Below, I give the TOC (table of contents) for that issue. But an editor’s work is never done! So the planning for the July issue is underway. The theme is 30 Years of History.


      AFHS is now 30 years old, so if you have some particular memories of how AFHS has grown or how genealogy has changed, please send it to us. You don’t have to write an entire article. Send us your reflections and we can incorporate the several or many we receive into an article. Some ideas would be DNA, which we hadn’t even heard of 30 years ago. Technology too has undergone massive changes in the past 30 years. Society has changed. Media and social media is beyond what we could have imagined 30 years ago. We don’t mean we want a repetition of the articles in Tweets and Tools, but T&T was looking forward. Now we are looking back. Weren’t a member, doing genealogy or even around 30 years ago and can’t say what it was like back in the day? Tell us what you look forward to in the future. What help do you want and what are your expectations of AFHS and genealogy in the future?


      Of course, there are still the regular columns, such as Surname Connections, which is your chance to try to find relatives or people who might be able to help you track down your elusive ancestors. Also we are always happy to receive articles on Serendipity – the unexpected boost to your quest from a source you never expected or that you encountered by chance while looking for something else. Please read the questions in Ask the Expert and send us (the editors) the answers. Then ask us your questions on anything genealogy related that you would like answered. Don’t forget we want to hear about your SIG and other interests related to ethnic or unique roots. Advise us of events coming up or interesting things you have learned from conferences, reading or talking to others.


      If you cannot write an article, please tell us who can.


      Meanwhile, here is the TOC for


      Volume 31, Number 3     Spring, April 2011           


      IN THIS ISSUE – Featuring “Tweets and Tools”


      President’s Message – Kay Clarke; Annual General Meeting: FINAL NOTICE



      Call for Articles; Editor’s Eye: New Eyes – Xenia Stanford



      Google News Archive: A Genealogy Goldmine! – Thomas MacEntee


      Preserve Your Family History for Free at BackUpMyTree – Dick Eastman



      Become a Fan of AFHS on Social Media – Joan Miller; Chinook News – Xenia Stanford



      Genealogy and Anarconomy – Xenia Stanford



      Using Mobile Apps to Take Your Genealogy Anywhere – Gena Philibert Ortega



      Surname Saturdays at Twitter – Joan Miller; AFHS Memorial Fund



      Tribute to Suddie Bill Mumford: Gentleman Genealogist – Xenia Stanford



      Grandma, If Only You Could See Us Now! – Laura Kirbyson



      Computer Tricks for the Genealogist – Jim Benedict; What’s Out There – Linda Murray



      Surname Connections: BROWN/ARMSTRONG, Kilskeery; KIRKPATRICK, Scotland



      MARSH/EDMONDSON, Ontario; WILLIAMS/JOHNSON, England/Manitoba



      Donations to AFHS Library 2009-10 – Linda Murray; Periodicals Place



      From the Geneasphere: Genealogy Research Travel Kit – Joan Miller



      Genealogy Basics: Computers, the Internet and Software – Heather Jaremko



      Ask the Expert: Irish and Ukrainian Genealogy Questions Xenia Stanford



      Hungarian Archives; Events – Laura Kirbyson; Calgary Public Library – Christine Hayes



      AFHS Membership Information & Form; AFHS Publications for Sale & Order Form



      AFHS Objectives; Contact Information; Board and Other Positions





      Xenia Stanford

      Editor, Chinook, 2008 Winner of the National Genealogical Society Local

      Newsletter Award

      Email: editor-chinook@...

      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, Métis

      Phone: 295-3490; Fax: 274-0564

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