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  • Laura A Kirbyson
    Jan 11, 2011
      Thanks so much to all who have responded!!!!! I`ve forwarded your thoughts
      to my friend. Hopefully this will get him and his Dad past the bump in their
      research. I`ve also plugged the society and hope he`ll decide to come out
      and join us :)

      Thanks again,

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      From: Xenia Stanford [mailto:xenias@...]
      Sent: January-10-11 4:40 PM
      To: 'Laura A Kirbyson'; 'Family Histories Society'
      Subject: RE: Galician

      Hi Laura and all,

      Yes, the Ukrainian SIG is still going - strong! We don't meet often but I
      have a mailing list and could send the question to the group to see if they
      have some answers. Galician ancestors can be Ukrainian, Polish, German and
      Jewish among others. The best way to determine this is finding the ancestral
      village, religion (Ukrainians usually attended the Greek Catholic Church)
      and self-professions of ethnicity on various documents. Has she found them
      on a census? Usually there are two questions that give us clues on a census:
      place of birth and ethnicity.

      Your friend could send me an email with what she knows and what she wants to

      Xenia Stanford
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      SIGS Contact: Ukrainian, M├ętis
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      Alberta Family Histories Society

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      Subject: Galician

      Hi all,

      My friend's father has started working on the family history and needs to
      find out more about doing research for Galician ancestors. Does our library
      collection cover that area? My friend believes his Galician ancestors lived
      in what is now Poland.

      I've suggested (of course!) that he join AFHS, but thought I'd check with
      the group to see if there's anything specific I can suggest. Is the
      Ukrainian SIG still going?

      Thanks so much!


      LAK Research & Information Mgt

      History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time ~Cicero

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