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  • freda stewart
    Dec 7, 2010
      Hi Donna - an event has occurred in the Shrewsbury area of The Gore,
      Argenteuil Co., which might be of interest to the Quebec SIG members. In
      the National Post this morning is a write up about the system vandalization
      and destruction of St. John's Anglican Church in Shrewsbury. It was built in
      1858 and has a fairly large cemetery around, which has also been vandalized
      at times. I haven't looked at the Montreal Gazette yet to see if there is a
      mention. If anyone wants this info I can pull it up and send it to them.
      Apparently it had first become known as a 'ghost' church as the municipal
      entity of Shrewsbury is no more. In the translation into French there was
      the insinuation that the church contained ghosts.There are also statements
      about the old church being used for 'cult' activities. Makes us realize the
      value of looking after the old cemeteries/churches and not abandoning them
      because this kind of idiot is always around.
      Freda Stewart
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      Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 7:34 AM
      Subject: Re: GREAT SCOTS!

      > Thanks Bill (and Joan) for mentioning the books on Scottish influence on
      > Canadian History.
      > I also found "Great Scots" by Matthew Shaw provided the 'Canadian Content'
      > for How the Scots Invented the Modern World" by A. Herman.
      > Slainte
      > Donna Kirkwood
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      > From: "William Campbell" <wacampbell@...>
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      > Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 5:21 PM
      > Subject: GREAT SCOTS!
      >> Hi Folks:
      >> Thank you Joan for that insight into Canadian Scottish history.
      >> I've been waiting for this opportunity and here it is.
      >> The corollary to McGoogan's book is surely
      >> GREAT SCOTS! -'How The Scots Created Canada' by Matthew Shaw (1964).
      >> Now available at the Calgary Public Library.
      >> McGoogan's fine work seems to focus on British Columbia while Shaw's
      >> equally readable 224 pages focuses on eastern Canada. The long list of
      >> Scots who have forged Canada is truly remarkable.
      >> Cheers
      >> BILL
      >> --
      >> "People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to
      >> their ancestors." - Edmund Burke
      >> CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA
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