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  • Xenia Stanford
    Nov 14, 2010
      I echo your sentiments Rene. Suddie was a very kind person. His passion for
      genealogy and computers and his knowledge certainly taught me much. I met
      Suddie when I was very new to AFHS, although I had already done much in the
      way of genealogy and family history. I was using PAF at that time and the
      knowledge he imparted of add-ons and alternatives certainly led me to
      explore beyond the scope I had envisioned.

      A truly wonderful person left his mark on the genealogy world and on the
      hearts of many who knew him.

      Beyond that words fail me.


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      It was with a heavy heart that I read Suddie's obituary in this morning's
      Calgary Herald. Sadly, he passed away on the same day as we held our monthly
      Computer Group meeting. This group of computer-buffs and family history
      enthusiasts was very close to Suddie's heart from the early days when we met
      in a provincial government building in downtown Calgary through to our
      present location in the Lounge area of the LDS Church on 17th Avenue SW.

      He was always willing to pass on his knowledge to us whether by way of
      explaining the intricacies of DNA testing or through his website detailing
      the pros and cons of various genealogy programs. If at all possible,
      whenever he was asked, he spoke to our group on such topics as researching
      the Mumford family in the Western Islands of Scotland and writing a book
      about his family. His newest book was truly a work of art but the one that
      most impressed me was a hastility put-together family book which came to
      fruition between one monthly meeting and the next.

      Suddie's contribution to family history in Calgary knew no bounds. He served
      for some time as a researcy assistant at the Family History Centre where he
      was well-liked and respected by his fellow staff members and family history
      patrons alike. He also served on the Board of AFHS but I will let others who
      are more familiar with his work there pay tribute to his work in that

      Personally, I feel I have lost a close friend and I feel sure my sentiments
      wil be shared by many members of our Society and beyond into the
      International genealogical community.

      We shall miss you Suddie and never forget you.

      Now I shall read some of the other tributes I notice coming through on
      Dist-Gen. A special thanks to Gordon Hulbert for keeping us up-to-date on
      Suddie's condition through his trying illnesses over the last few years.

      Rene Dussome
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