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  • Rene Dussome
    Nov 5, 2010
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      An additional comment to Wendy's excellent description of information
      available about English parishes:

      I use Findmypast regularly. It is the only place at the moment where one can
      search the 1911 English census. A subscription would be nice, of course, and
      enable one to work at home but you might be interested to know that
      Findmypast is available at Family History Centres free of charge. You might
      have to ask a staff member to log in for you as a password is needed.

      Hugh Wallis's website is also very useful if you are searching for names of
      people who have been extracted from parish registers and entered on the IGI.
      You can narrow down your search to a specific surname and time period and
      group families together.


      Wendy mentions PCC Wills. It is useful to know that in the main, these
      relate to the Province of Canterbury (southern England) and not the Province
      of York (northern England).

      She also mentions Online Parish Clerks. You might like to know that we have
      a real, live Online Parish Clerk as a member of AFHS. Wayne Shepheard gave a
      talk about his work to the English/Welsh SIG last month.

      I have never belonged to the SOG because to get the most advantage from
      membership you need to be able to visit their headquarters in London. I do
      believe some AFHS members subscribed to the society but I can't recall who
      they are (were).

      Rene Dussome
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