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  • Judith Rempel
    Nov 3, 2010

      Sorry – my query apparently was more obscure than intended. I’ve heard from a few that SOGS isn’t a known anagram.


       SOGS:  Society of Genealogists. 


      Since I’m so NOT British, I just assumed everyone would know the anagram for this organization.  And, I guess it should be SOGs.  They advertise heavily in the Family history magazines that come out of UK.  They can be found at: http://www.societyofgenealogists.com/


      However, it turns out that my question really has nothing to do with them.  I’ve been looking at this site and wondering if it’s valuable (and confusing it with SOGs for some reason):



      There are two other sites that could be considered in this examination as well:

      ·         www.findmypast.com  (I have subscribed to their 1911 census index and selectively purchase other records there very occasionally) – their indexes seem reasonably clean, prices reasonable and I like it that I get a sense of what I’m getting before I pay for a record.  (I’m not on as sure ground with The Genealogist.

      ·         www.familyrelatives.com – I’ve not used this one at all


      Many thanks for the good advice that I know will be forthcoming.


      Judith (Judii) Rempel



      From: Judith Rempel [mailto:rempel@...]
      Sent: October 31, 2010 5:24 PM
      To: 'AFHS Distribution List'
      Subject: SOGS databases


      Can anyone provide advice as to whether it's valuable to take out a membership to access the SOGS databases if one already has an Ancestry subscription?    


      Both indicate that they provide access to baptismal/christening/parish records for instance.  Do the two sources represent substantially complementary or overlapping content?  And, of course, I'm interested in efficient searches (as opposed to browsing/paging through digital files) at the same time as being able to view the images to verify the accuracy of index/transcription information.


      Many thanks.


      Judith (Judii) Rempel



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