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6136My brother's family movie

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  • Laura A Kirbyson
    Oct 2 9:52 AM

      I truly hope this is an okay message to send out to the group. There isn't
      much I wouldn't do for my family, so I'm hoping you'll let this slide if it
      isn't appropriate.

      One of my brothers, Rob Kirbyson, has written and directed a movie that is
      playing at the Calgary Film Festival. It's loosely based on real life
      events from our childhood on the Prairies. The movie played at the Tribeca
      Film Festival in New York a few months ago and came in 2nd place (after
      another Canadian movie, actually!). This is the Canadian premiere.

      Let's say it's one example of how far a family's story can reach?

      The movie, Snowmen, plays tomorrow (Sunday) at the Eau Claire theater at
      2:30. It's a family movie focussing on a boy who believes he's dying and
      wants to make his mark on the world. What he does to try and do this is
      full of humour. Some of the actors include Josh Flitter, Ray Liotta and
      Christopher Lloyd.

      Thanks for your attention and I sincerely hope I haven't offended

      Laura Kirbyson