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  • Xenia Stanford
    Jul 13, 2010
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      I was advised by a reader that the census page links I sent no longer
      existed. I'm not sure why other than perhaps it was moved from the current
      day's news to an archive file. Here the links are as of today:



      If those don't work, go to the home page at
      http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/ and type in census in the
      search bar.
      In fact, if you do that, you will see many other articles on the census,

      We need the right to refuse the long census form
      The recent change in census taking abandons the mandatory long census form,
      which was randomly distr...

      Languages commissioner probes census change
      OTTAWA — Canada’s languages watchdog launched an investigation Monday into
      the axing of the mandator...

      Census discussion disappears from federal consultation site
      OTTAWA — An online discussion about the census on a federal website was
      suddenly branded “off topic”...

      Census change irks city
      Ottawa’s decision to cut mandatory long census forms next year isn’t sitting
      well with the City of R...

      Clouding the national mirror
      A whimsical old proverb is our new reality. In the land of the blind, the
      one-eyed man is king. By ...

      Census consensus found with Conservatives
      OTTAWA — The Conservative government has found a census consensus with the
      new British government an...

      Still waiting for more articles on this topic for Chinook.

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