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  • Xenia Stanford
    Jun 17, 2010
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      Hi Heather,


      I thought I recognized the song, but the words I know are a bit different from her version.


      The spelling I remember is “hooch aye” but could be “hoch aye” – my understanding is it means “maybe yes” or “yes, but I’m not convinced” - I think in this song, it means the night is not convincing because of the two moons. The significance of two moons is sometimes said to signal a storm coming or just that a drunk is squinting at the moon and seeing double, which means a storm’s coming when he gets home. What a glabben or claither is, I don’t know. Could it be the sporran? Braw means pretty or beautiful.


      Anyway here is the chorus I know:


      “it’s a braw bricht munelicht nicht

      The nicht hooch aye

      There’s dew amang the heather

      An’ twa munes in the sky

      Dugal an’ Donald, Lachie, Ronald

      Wullie Shon and Tam

      Dicht the glabben af yer kilts

      An’ come an’ have a dram


      Don’t know any other words or the name of the song. Of course, like all songs in the oral tradition there are many renditions, which is why she remembers different words. Sorry, I can’t help with the title or the verses.



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      Hello all,


      I was talking to a lady today and she has some words to a Scottish song.  She does not know the name of the tune and does not have the last line of the song. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Hoch hae, Hoch Hae, There's dew among the Heather, Aw there's twa moons in the sky, For it's Doonal, Donald and McAronald, Come and hae a dram, Shake the claither frae your kilt. That is all that she has on the song.


      Thank you for your help.


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