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  • Judith Rempel
    May 29, 2010

      We’ve just discovered a wedding photograph in the basement wall of our Ranchlands home.  It isn’t in great shape and is reasonably old.  It will look great in  our “heritage collection” until we can find a home for it.  That’s where you folks come in.


      ·         The only imprinting is that it was prepared by Lane’s Studio, Calgary, Alberta. 

      ·         The women is petite, has curly hair (bangs and blunt to her cheekbones) and is holding a bunch of trumpet-like lilies. She’s wearing a knee-length white dress and what look like ballet-like slippers. 

      ·         He’s seated – I suspect he’s much taller than she.  He’s wearing a dark suit, dark bow tie, white handkerchief in his pocket.  The lapel is wide.  I think it has three buttons, but the cuffs are 2-button. His shirt /cuffs and shoes are not visible. His hair is combed back off a large forehead and cut high above the ears.


      Yeah, yeah – I can hear you.... Just SHOW us you’re saying.  Okay – take a boo at the jpg and let me know what you think.

      ·         Do you know anything about Lane’s Studios?

      ·         Can you date this photo (I’d guess late 40s, but the drop waist on her dress might make it earlier.

      ·         Now – look for yourself: http://www.rempelfamily.ca/images/wedding_photo.jpg



      Oh yes, and next to it was a No. 2 Kodak Trimming Board!  There’s one for sale on e-bay now (http://i.ebayimg.com/01/!Btcn7)gBGk~$(KGrHqUH-EEEvrZfMZ(ZBL8C8(diI!~~_12.JPG).  That will go well with Grant’s collection of vintage cameras. 


      P.S. doing new research on the following surnames in case anyone else has these high on their list:

      * JAYWOOD, WINDER, COUSINS, CLINE, NIXON, ERVIN, ROCK (geographical connections to Winnipeg, Rivers and Brandon, MB; Halifax; Lancaster/Manchester, England, though ”Rock” is said to be Huguenot) – most were everyday labourers – rarely farmers

      * MOBERLY (St. Petersburg, Russia; London, England; Simcoe, ON; Prince Albert, SK; Fort MacMurray/Jasper), TAIT (Scotland, Red River Settlement; Prince Albert, SK) , FOULDS, FIDLER,  etc. – almost all were adventurers working for Hudson’s Bay, the Royal (British) Navy, intermarried with British nobility (esp those in Russia)


      Judith (Judii) Rempel


      Family History: www.rempelfamily.ca


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