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  • Laura A Kirbyson
    May 6, 2010

      This is really, really awesome.  I’ve been wondering about blogs for a some time now but haven’t quite figured it out.


      Thanks so much for the questions, Lorna and the answers, Joan!  I’m looking forward to using this new technology.





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      Subject: Re: Our new AFHS BLOG


      Hi Lorna,

      Great questions that others may be interested in as well. 

      1. One can bookmark the blog address in your favorites in your web browser (for internet explorer)  or bookmarks for those using Firefox.  There is also a link to the blog off the AFHS main page.

      The quickest way to determine if new content has been added to the blog is to subscribe to the RSS feed.  RSS stands for really simple syndication.    It is the big orange RSS button on the right hand side of the blog. 

      View the following YouTube Video to learn how to subscribe to a blog from a RSS feed.


      In the video we are given 2 things
      1. how to get a RSS reader
      2. how to subscribe to blogs and news

      If you already have a gmail account this is very easy to do.  Once set up with a reader go to our blog located here:

      Click on the big orange RSS feed button and subscribe.  All new content to a blog will appear in your reader. 

      To view your reader:
      If you are doing this in gmail, open up your email program and choose "Reader" at the top left of the page.  You will instantly see the latest headlines from all the blogs and news that you are subscribed to.  I have Dick Eastman's blog in my reader along with the other genealogy blogs I am following.  I can quickly scan the subject lines to see if there is an interesting blog post I want to read. 

      2. Re your question about the Share button at the bottom of the blog posts.  One can share the content of the blog post by email or by dozens of other methods available.  For example, you could email yourself or one of your friends the link to a blog post.

      A bit of trivia - the term Blog came about from the term "Web log"  and has been shortened to 'blog' over the years.  Many genealogists are posting educational and useful content on a daily basis on their blogs.  I learn something new every time I check my blog reader.   There are blogs that cater to surnames or personal research.  There are regional blogs, blogs written by 'graveyard rabbits' doing cemetery indexing, blogs for pro-genealogists, blogs by libraries and archives.  Whatever your interest there is probably someone out there writing about it.  People can leave a comment on a blog and good discussions and suggestions can follow.

      Go to http://www.geneabloggers.com for a list of genealogy blogs.

      Hope that helps.  If there are any other questions just let me know.


      Joan Miller
      Luxegen Genealogy
      (Joan's blog!)

      On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 9:11 PM, Lorna Laughton <lornalaughton@...> wrote:

      Hi Joan:


      Thanks for volunteering your time to manage the AFHS blog! It is a great idea and will benefit the Society greatly.


      I have 2 questions about Blogs, since I haven’t had any experience with them before.

      1.    How do I get to the AFHS blog? I made the direct connection a ‘favorites’ (s/b ‘favourites’) on Windows Explorer. Is there any other way of doing this? Is there any way of knowing when new blog content is posted?

      2.    What does the ‘share/save’ bar (at the end of each message) do?


      Thanks for your help.



      From: owner-dist-gen@... [mailto:owner-dist-gen@...] On Behalf Of Joan Miller
      Sent: May 5, 2010 5:03 PM
      To: Dist-Gen
      Subject: Our new AFHS BLOG


      Hi all,

      I thought I'd fill you all in our new AFHS blog.

      I joined the PR team in February with my main role to provide social networking support for the AFHS.  Social networking can include blogging (web journalling), twitter, facebook, etc.  These efforts all raise the online profile of our society, provide timely ongoing information for the members and can lead to closer connections with other genealogical societies, organizations and individuals.  A blog is an adjunct to our regular webpages and doesn't replace them.

      Blog posts, tweets, etc. contain frequently changing content that are indexed in the search engines and it will bring more traffic and notice to AFHS. 

      Thomas MacEntree, one of our guest speakers in October will be doing a session on the benefits of social media and blogging to genealogy research.  Xenia also has a Chinook issued planned about social networking.  So...stay tuned to learn more! :)

      In the meantime, you may be wondering - "What types of things might you see on a genealogical society blog"? 

      Check out this post by Amy Coffin who gives us 25 ideas for a Genealogical Society Blog.   .

      If you have information (notices, new library holdings, volunteers to highlight etc) to add to the blog please email me at luxegen@...

      ***A special thanks goes to our webmaster Dawn Kirkpatrick for her behind the scenes efforts to make our blog possible. I would also like to thank the rest of the PR team (Don, Bill, Gord)  for their support in this new direction.***


      Joan Miller
      AFHS Blog
      PR Committee

      Joan Miller
      Luxegen Genealogy
      and Family History

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