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5951Our own Who Do YOu Think You Are challenge

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  • Jim Benedict
    May 5, 2010
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      We have a challenge thrown at us. Those that read the editorial page of the
      Calgary Herald on Tuesday may have noted a request for genealogy assistance
      on an historic figure of our fine city.

      Consider this our own home-grown version of "Who Do You Think You Are".

      The article was titled, "Mayor's great-niece tries to connect with Calgary's
      history". The letter came from Margaret Nagle of Missoula, Montana.

      The letter reads:
      From 1915 to 1919, Michael Copps Costello was the mayor of Calgary,
      after holding earlier positions in city government. He was a founding
      member of the Southern Alberta Pioneer & Old Timers' Association and served
      as Grand Knight on the Calgary Council of the Knights of Columbus. He died
      in 1936, leaving three sons, Frank, Jack and Thomas. He was married to my
      great-aunt, Pearl Corrigan. I have run up against a brick wall trying to
      find any living relatives of Michael and Pearl Costello. I would be most
      grateful if someone related to them would respond to my letter.

      There is a biography in Wikipedia, at:

      So, would any of our siglet groups like to tackle this one, or perhaps the
      library group? It might make an interesting case study presentation for one
      of the general meetings as well. There it is, you are challenged; take up
      the gauntlet and make Margaret a happy person.

      Jim Benedict

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