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5950Our new AFHS BLOG

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  • Joan Miller
    May 5, 2010
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      Hi all,
      I thought I'd fill you all in our new AFHS blog.

      I joined the PR team in February with my main role to provide social networking support for the AFHS.  Social networking can include blogging (web journalling), twitter, facebook, etc.  These efforts all raise the online profile of our society, provide timely ongoing information for the members and can lead to closer connections with other genealogical societies, organizations and individuals.  A blog is an adjunct to our regular webpages and doesn't replace them.

      Blog posts, tweets, etc. contain frequently changing content that are indexed in the search engines and it will bring more traffic and notice to AFHS. 

      Thomas MacEntree, one of our guest speakers in October will be doing a session on the benefits of social media and blogging to genealogy research.  Xenia also has a Chinook issued planned about social networking.  So...stay tuned to learn more! :)

      In the meantime, you may be wondering - "What types of things might you see on a genealogical society blog"? 

      Check out this post by Amy Coffin who gives us 25 ideas for a Genealogical Society Blog.   .

      If you have information (notices, new library holdings, volunteers to highlight etc) to add to the blog please email me at luxegen@...

      ***A special thanks goes to our webmaster Dawn Kirkpatrick for her behind the scenes efforts to make our blog possible. I would also like to thank the rest of the PR team (Don, Bill, Gord)  for their support in this new direction.***


      Joan Miller
      AFHS Blog
      PR Committee
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