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5879H'ava-tar in Second Life

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  • Xenia Stanford
    Feb 22, 2010

      See the article at http://www.digitalgenealogist.com/pubs/dgmayjun09p20-23.pdf by Dear Myrtle on why genealogists should get a Second Life. I was invited and so I invite you who have enough time to spend. I guess once you get the hang of it, it will be easier to do things once there. Try it, see if you like it and let me know for the January 2011 issue. Maybe by then I will have figured out how to use it for genealogy. Today, I chatted in German to an avatar who did not speak English. So this could help me with my language skills for my next trip to Austria. Then I chatted with another first timer who was thrilled he could fly! He asked how to change his clothes and I had figured out how already, so told him. He wanted to go clubbing but I said I had to go home to make dinner. I was trying to figure how to log off or get back to real life.


      Maybe I’ll find some interesting genealogy stuff later. You can search for topics, people, etc. and sign up for lectures on various subjects. If I meet with success, I will let you know how I did it so you can try too. It’s free or you can pay a fee to upgrade to be able to have customized help or buy items.


      Enough for now though. I have a first life I must live!