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5825Re: Recommendation for genealogy software for Mac OS X

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  • Peter
    Dec 22, 2009
      Roger Leach wrote:
      > Hi to all Mac users
      > My 93 year old father in law is anxious to record his family tree and
      > has a Mac. As a diehard PC person I do not know what to recommend.
      > Something simple will suffice as I doubt he will be publishing.
      > Suggestions welcome
      > Merry Xmas
      > Roger

      Roger the following might be helpful. The document is a couple
      of years old, so some info might be outdated.

      MacGenealogy.org - http://www.macgenealogy.org/
      MacGenealogy.Org's goal: - to keep Mac users informed of the
      latest news and information concerning genealogy on the
      Macintosh platform. We hope to increase awareness of genealogy
      software for the Macintosh platform, as well as assist Mac
      users with their genealogy questions. We hope to encourage
      development of current and additional genealogy software that
      runs on the Macintosh platform.

      Macintosh Genealogy Software -
      Find family tree software programs written for the Macintosh
      operating system, with descriptions, reviews, free trial
      versions, comparisons, and tips from Mac users.

      OSX Applications

      MacFamilyTree Version 4.0.10 (Jan 2005) Requires OS X 10.2.6
      Cost $45
      This Mac-only family tree shareware program offers versions in
      a variety of different languages, including English, French
      (MacGénéalogie), German (MacStammbaum), Italian (Mac
      Genealogia) and Spanish (GenealogíaMac), are also available.

      OhmiGene Version 0.50b2 (Dec 2004) Requires MacOS X Cost
      Free (for now)
      With OHMIGENE it is possible :
      - to create and to manage genealogies, to import GEDCOM files,
      to export files in the format GEDCOM, to publish genealogy in
      a website.

      SeeGEDCOMX Version 0.8b2 (Sep 2004) Requires OS X 10.1.5 Cost
      SeeGEDCOMX is a minimalist genealogy program for the
      Macintosh, started before MacOS X made minimalism fashionable.
      Originally a browser application for GEDCOM files, it has
      become a much more general application. You can now use it to
      create a family history from scratch, to maintain an existing
      family history stored as a GEDCOM document, or simply to
      browse your GEDCOM documents and downloads.

      GEDitCOM Version 3.70 beta 3 (Aug 2004) Requires OS X 10+
      Cost $49.99
      GEDitCOM is the customizable genealogy application for the
      Macintosh for editing and viewing GEDCOM genealogy files.
      Using the GEDitCOM customization features, you can design your
      own genealogy user interface. Or, if you prefer, you can use
      the Default Format that comes with GEDitCOM and provides a
      powerful, user-friendly interface with 100% access to all
      features of the GEDCOM standard.

      HEREDIS Mac X Version 10.1.5 (Jun 2004) Requires OS X 10+
      Cost $69
      This French genealogy software program comes in two versions
      for Macintosh - Heredis Classic and Heredis Pro. The Mac
      version also comes in German, but Heredis' foray into the
      English-speaking genealogy market seems to be concentrating on

      Reunion Version 8.05 Requires OS X 10.1.3+ Cost $99
      Reunion records names, dates, places, facts, plenty of notes,
      sources of information, pictures, sounds, and videos. Families
      are linked in an easy-to-understand fashion.
      Reunion makes it easy to publish your family tree information
      -- even if you want to share it on the Web. You can
      automatically create common genealogy reports, charts, and
      forms, as well as birthday calendars, mailing lists,
      questionnaires, indexes, and other lists. Reunion even
      calculates relationships, ages, life expectancies, and
      Reunion also creates large, high-resolution, graphic charts
      allowing complete on-screen editing of boxes, lines, fonts,
      and colors. Wall charts are one of its specialties.

      GenerationX Version 2.4.1 (Nov 2003) Requires OS X 10.2+ Cost
      GenerationX is a genealogy tool designed specifically for
      weekend hobbyists. GenX is the first application of its kind
      developed entirely in Cocoa and optimized for Mac OS X.
      GenerationX has been praised by the hobbyist community and
      bundled with publications by Family History Monthly Magazine.

      Genealogy Pro Version 1.02 (May 2003) Requires OS X 10+ Cost Free
      Genealogy Pro is a freeware software program for storing
      family relationships and drawing family trees.
      It features:
      • A database to store familial relationships
      • Easy creation of sophisticated family tree charts,
      including horizontal, vertical, ancestor, descendant charts,
      and various formatting options
      • An expandable database that allows creation of custom fields

      GenScribe Version 1.1 Requires OS 8.5+*, OS X 10+ Cost $12
      GenScribe is a family history research tracking and
      record-keeping program, designed to help you plan and manage
      your genealogy research.
      Here are some of the things you can do using GenScribe:
      • Create research "to do" lists for any given venue.
      • Record the actual research data that you find (GenScribe
      includes standard text entry fields as well as templates for
      the 1790-1880 and 1900-1920 U.S. censuses).
      • Keep track of your genealogy correspondence, including
      dates of correspondence and money that you've paid for
      research or to cover costs.

      TreeTracker Version 1.1 (Jul 2003) Requires OS X 10.1+ Cost $21.95
      The purpose of TreeTracker is to make it easy for family
      historians and genealogists to track and organize family
      photos and their lineage. The interface is designed to be "the
      simplest tool that could possibly work."
      OS 8/9 Classic Apps

      SeeGEDCOMX Version 0.8b2 (Sep 2004) Requires OS 8.6*, OS X
      10.1.5 Cost Free
      See description above

      GEDitCOM Version 3.70 beta 3 (Aug 2004) Requires OS 8.1+*, OS
      X 10+ Cost $49.99
      See description above

      HEREDIS Mac X Version 10.1.5 (Jun 2004) Requires OS 9.1* Cost $69
      See description above

      MacFamilyTree Version 3.6.7 (May 2004) Requires OS 9.1* Cost $30
      See description above

      Reunion Version 8.05 Requires OS 8.5+*, OS X 10.1.3+ Cost $99
      See description above

      GENE Version 4.3.4 Requires OS 8.5+*, Cost $15
      Gene is a shareware genealogy database for the Macintosh
      written by David and Diana Eppstein. You can use Gene to store
      family data and notes, draw and print family trees and
      pedigree charts, create web pages from your database, and
      exchange GEDCOM data with users of other genealogy programs.
      Gene is capable of handling complicated databases with
      thousands of names, multiple marriages and divorces,
      adoptions, illegitimate children, and intermarriage between

      GenScribe Version 1.1 Requires OS 8.5+*, OS X 10+ Cost $12
      See description above


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