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5801Re: Immigrant Train Passengers

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  • Charlie Hansen
    Nov 17, 2009
      On 17 Nov 2009 Mabel Kiessling wrote:

      > Does anyone know if passenger lists exist for immigrants that took
      > trains from the port of Montreal to their destinations, either in
      > Canada or the U.S.? Are Border Crossing Records the only way to
      > know?

      It depends on the years involved. On the Ancestry.ca listings of passenger lists shown
      under "Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935" the future wife of a cousin is listed twice
      arriving in Halifax. In 1914, Ida Ward is listed with her destination as Calgary and there is
      a column "Travelled inland via" under which is listed "CPR". This column is not present
      when she returned with her mother and siblings to Calgary on 30 Sept 1919. For 1914 her
      entry is stamped "British Bonus Allowed " and her occupation as "Domestic". In 1919 she
      is listed as a "typist" and with a notation "to be married".

      I did a random check for some Montreal arrivals and sometimes "Travelled inland via" is
      on the passenger list form and sometimes not. It probably depends on the shipping line
      used. You will usually find a listing for "Destination in Canada'. If it is for Manitoba or
      further west, I think it is safe to assume train travel if it is after rail travel became

      Charlie Hansen
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